Wl/cm"e 9

1'Wun 'a 'dho"e- =bl/e/e'- =n/e 'wun gia- -m"u, '"o bhii 'ma k"e Klito -bha 'ka; n 'ka 'dho =sua k"e, -wo '"o 'we -na n =zu"o' 'pi"o -Zuu 'sl"o"osl"o =kwaa' bh"e -y"o n -zo -gban -a -bha =n/e 'wun gia- -m"u. 2'"O t/c/c n =zu"o' -y"o -kaan 'ku"e -s"u 'ka '"o 'wun ('"o -gban n dheglu Zuif"o -nu -bha bh"e) '"o n =zu"o' 'dh"o =wa -bh"o -s"u 'g"u -kplawo. 3'K"o -k"e =n/e -wa -p"o -dewo -Zlan -dho 'dhangga -ya n 'ka k"o 'a 'kan Klito -bha n dhegluz"e -nu, n -s/eg"um/e -nu -wun 'g"u, a -dho we -a -bha, -an -bha dha -s"u -wun 'g"u. 4Wo '"o 'wo Izla/el"o -m/e -nu 'ka, '"o -Zlan -y"o -an -k"e "o -bha 'n"e -nu 'ka, '"o -an -ya "o -bha 't/cbh/cdhe 'g"u, '"o wo -nu 'pl/e 'wo -k"e -dhi 'ku"e do 'g"u, '"o t/cng d/c -an -dh"e, '"o "o -wo p"o -s"u waa- "o gba -s"u -ya -an 'g"u, '"o p"e 't/c go -an -dh"e bh"e =n/e 'a -we -an 'ka. 5'Wo t/c/c kwa d"e ziizii -nu 'kp/c 'n"e -nu '"o waa- Klito '"o m/ebheedh/e 'g"u =zian', '"o wo -nu '"o -an -bha 's/e 'dh"o do 'k/e/e k"o y"o Klito '"o bh"e -y"o p"e 'pl/e -g/c 'dhi"o 'sa; y"o bh"e =n/e '"o t/c/c -Zlan. K"o -a 't/c -y"o k"e =va =to"ep"o 'ka. Am/en. 6K"e- wo 'dh"o bh"e yaa k"e =n/e a- -p"o k"o -Zlan -bha p"e 't/c go -wo bh"e -a -wun =ya 'to 'kpaan. Ka gia-, ka- -y"o bh"e, yaa k"e =n/e m/e -nu 'wo go Izla/el"o 'g"u -an 'pl/e =n/e '"o -Zlan -y"o -an -ga Izla/el"o 'n"e -nu giagia 'ka. 7'Iin Ablaam"o =suu'- -ta -nu 'wo bh"e -an 'pl/e 'waa -a -bha 'n"e -nu giagia 'ka bhii -Zlan -ya -p"o Ablaam"o -dh"e: |iM/e -nu 'wo Izaak"o -bha 'n"e -nu 'ka =n/e 'wo t/c/c "u -bha -nu giagia.|d 8Yaa k"e =n/e m/e -nu 'wo bh/c m/e 'bhee- =dh/c/cbhaa -wun 'ka 'wo t/c/c -Zlan -bha -nu, 'k/e/e 'n"e -nu 'wo bh/c -Zlan -bha p"e 't/c go -wo 'ka bh"e 'wo Izla/el"o 'g"u 'n"e -nu 'ka, '"o 'wo t/c/c -Zlan -bha 'n"e -nu giagia. 9P"e 't/c 'go -wo bh"e y"o =ga =n/e/e: |i'T"ong 'kwa- 'g"u =n/e, ('kwa d/c -a 'g"u =kw/ea,) -a k"e =yi"e' k"o 'aan- nu, Saala dho 'n"e g/c/cn- do kp/c.|d 10'Go m"u 'z"u -k/c do bh"e '"o Lebeka -bha =kaa' 'dh"o 'y"o -fl/ean do 'wo -k"e g/c/cn- 'ka, '"o -an kp/ca kwa 'bh/ema Izaak"o -g/c. 11'Y"o k"e- wo 'dh"o bh"e, -Zlan -y"o 'dho"e- m/e s"u, -a -bha 'wun -y"o 'ko 'dhi"o -k/c -y"o -dh"o; -y"o -s"u -a -bha =dh/c/c k"e -wo -bha; yaa 's"u -an k"ewun -nu -bha k"o 'n"e -nu 'wo dho bh/c bh"e waa bh/c kun, k"o -waan 'dho"e- p"o -a m/e =n/e -a k"ewun -y"o ya 'iin =y"o -s"e; 'y"o -Zlan -ya p"o Lebeka -dh"e: |i"U -bha 'n"e -nu 'wo bh"e, -a =vaz"e -y"o -dho yu"o k"e -a 'teez"e -dh"e.|d 'K/e/e k"e- wo 'dh"o bh"e, -Zlan -ya p"o 'dh"o k"o -yaan -z/cn =n/e p"e '"o =yaa- y"o 'ko 'dhi"o 'saadh"o "o =zu"o' 'pi"o y"o -m"u; '"o- -de -k"e 'gb/e/edh"o. 13-A -wun 'g"u, -y"o =b/e/en' -s"u 'ka -Zlan -bha 's"e"edh/e 'g"u =n/e: |iZak/cb"o 'a- s"u; 'a Ezau to.|d 14K"o k"e- wo 'dh"o bh"e kwa dho"e- p"o -Zlan 'yaa kpengdh"o =a? -Abi' bhoo-! 15Bhii -ya p"o Moiz"o -dh"e: |iM/e 'a- 'pi"o 'a- 'yena -y"o wo =n/e 'a- 'yena -y"o wo.|d 16=Ya k"e 'dh"o k"o 'wun bh"e yaa y"o m/e 'bhee- =dh/c/cbhaap"e -bha 'iin m/e k"e -k/c -nu -bha, 'k/e/e -y"o -s"u -Zlan do '"o m/e 'yena y"o bh"e -a -bha. 17-Zlan -bha 's"e"edh/e 'g"u, -y"o =b/e/en' -s"u 'ka m"u =n/e -Zlan -ya -p"o -glud"e '"o -k"e Ezit"o -s/eg/c 'dhi"o bh"e -a -dh"e =n/e: |iP"e 'a "u -ya -a -dh"e -glud"e 'ka bh"e '"o t/c/c k"o 'a ma 'piigbeedh/e -z/cn m/e -nu -dh"e "u 'g"u k"o 'aan- k"e -waan n d/c 'kpongtaadh/e 'saadh"o 'g"u.|d 18'Wun bh"e -a k"e -k/c =ga bh"e; k"o -y"o 'to kwa 'yaan =n/e m/e '"o -Zlan 'dho"e- 'pi"o '"o 'yena y"o =n/e '"o- 'yena y"o, '"o m/e '"o- 'pi"o '"o- =g/c"u' k"e 'gbee-, '"o- =g/c"u' -k"e 'gbee-. 19-Y"o 'dh"o 'k/e/e =dh/e/e' -dh"o k"e m/e -nu -g/c k"o -waan 'kp/c n -g/c =wo"e' =n/e: “K"o =ya k"e 'dh"o -dh/e -ml"e '"o -Zlan -y"o y"o -a -bha zl"o"o '"o m/e 'bhee- -bha =s/c/cn -k"e yaa -s"u -y"o -k"e -a -dh"e ya =/e/e? Bhii p"e m/e '"o =yaa- -ya "o =zu"o' 'pi"o k"o -yaan k"e, -a ku"ennum/e gb/e 'yaa 'dh"o.” 20'Oo, m/e 'bhee-, -m"e -m"u "u 'ka k"o '"u"en- d/c -Zlan -wo -g/c -/e? (=Dh/e 'ka bh/c =n/e) 'ka- ma do =n/e 's/e gb/c =ya "o k"em/e =dh/e/e' 'kp/c do =n/e -m"e -k"e '"u n k"e =n"edh"o =a? 21P"e '"o -dhi gb/cd/cm/e -dh"e =n/e '"o- -k"e gb/c 's/e kp"o 'ka; '"o t/c/c -a 'bhaa -nu =ya k"e, gb/c 'n"e -nu '"o -an =bhl"e 'dh"o -dh"o =n/e '"o -an -k"e, '"o- 'bhaa -nu =ya k"e 'p"o '"o- m/e -nu 'wo yu"o 'saadh"o =kaa' '"o -an -k"e, 'k/e/e k"o -an k"e -s/e -y"o do 'sa. 22-K/c do bh"e =n/e '"o- 'ka -a -zo 'kun -wun 'g"u, =ya k"e 'dh"o k"o -m"e '"o ka -g/c k"o 'kaan- p"o -Zlan -bha -/e? '"O bhii 'pian do 'pi"o, -y"o "o -bha -naadhe waa- "o -bha 'piigbeedh/e -z/cn m/e -nu -dh"e; -a -wun 'g"u, -a =zu"o' -k"e -saa giagiawo, '"o m/e -nu '"o- -bha 'klobh/cdhe -y"o -an -ma kun k"o -an 'g"u -yaan =si"o'- bh"e 'y"o "o -zo -k"e -an 'pi"o; 23'"o =dh/e =ya dhi -a -dh"e 'p"o '"o "o -bha 't/cbh/cdhe bh"e -a 'pi"o -p"e -nu -z/cn m/e -nu '"o kwa 'yena -ya -k"e bh"e kwa -dh"e. '"O bhii p"e '"o =yaa- -p"e k"e '"o -ya -s"u 'ka kwa -bha 'ka k"o 'kwaan- -da -a 'g"u y"o -m"u. 24'"O t/c/c m/e -nu '"o -an =dh/c/c -k"e k"o 'kwaan- k"e -a -bha 'ka bh"e 'wo t/c/c m/e -nu 'wo go Zuif"o -nu zi"en waa- m/e -nu 'waa Zuif"o 'ka '"o 'waa -Zlan d/c -an zi"en, '"o kwa dho 'ku"e-. 25'Y"o =b/e/en' -s"u 'ka -a 'ka 'dh"o 's"e"edh/e -be m/e '"o Ose -ya -ya bh"e -a 'g"u =n/e: |iM/e -nu '"o 'waa ma 's/eg/cg"um/e -nu 'ka, a -dho -an -dh/e ma 's/eg/cg"um/e -nu, '"o 's/e m/e '"o 'yaa n -zo 'kun -s/e 'ka -be, 'a- -dh/e n -dh/c =kaa' -s/e.|d 26|i'"O -dh/e 'wo- p"o -a -bha -an -dh"e: 'Kaa n -ma 'ka, 'wo dho -a p"o -an -dh"e 'z"u -dh/e do bh"e -a -bha =n/e wo =n/e 'wo t/c/c -Zlan '"o 'bhee- -a gb"o -nu.|d 27Ezai -de 'p"o -y"o 'wun -bl/e/e Izla/el"o -m/e -nu bu"endh"o =wo"e' =n/e: |i'K"o -k"e =n/e Izla/el"o 's/eg/cg"um/e -nu -wo -k"e =va '"o 'wo dho -an -z/cn -dewo 'y"enng '"o =wee -yi 'kpong 'dhi"o bh"e -a ga -nu -dho 'ku"e- -s"u 'ka 'dhee, -an m/e -nu 'wo dho dha -an songdh"o bh"e, -an kp"o -y"o 'tee 'kpaan;|d 28|ibhii D"em/e -dho "o -de -wo k"e "o 'pl/e 'ka 'zodh"o 'kpongtaa z"o.|d 29'"O t/c/c Ezai -y"o 'wun -bl/e/e 'dhi"o =zian' '"o- p"o: |i'"O =ya k"e D"em/e 'piigbeez"e yaa kwa =suu'- -ta -nu 'bhaa 'to -bez"e k"o kwa -dho k"e =n/e Sod/cm"e 'dh"o 'iin k"o kwa -dho bh/c Gom/c/c -dh/e -bha -bez"e.|d 30P"e m/e '"o to zl"o"o 'kwa dho -m/ca p"o -s"u -bha '"o t/c/c: M/e '"o 'waa Zuif"o 'ka '"o waa k"e -a =m/e/e' =dhia -be 'ta 's"u -k/c kpengdh"o 'ka bh"e, =wa k"e kpengdh"o -Zlan w"o 'dhi"o -an -bha -zo -y"o -a -bha -s"u -wun 'g"u; 31'k/e/e k"o Izla/el"o -m/e -nu '"o t/cng '"o dho -an k"e kpengdh"o -Zlan w"o 'dhi"o 'wo -k"e -a =m/e/e' =dhia bh"e, wo 'dh"o, t/cng 'dh"o, -an 'kun -p"e gb/e yaa k"e -dh"o gb/c. 32K"e- wo 'dh"o bh"e, '"o t/c/c waa k"e -a =m/e/e' =dhia, k"o wo 'yi -y"o 'kan -Zlan -dh"e wo -bha -zo -y"o -a -bha -s"u -wun 'g"u. P"e '"o -k"e -an -zo 'pi"o -bez"e '"o t/c/c wo k"ep"e -nu. K"e- wo 'dh"o bh"e, p"e 'wo y"o -a -bha bh"e '"o t/c/c -gu"o kp"o '"o m/e -g/en 'dh"o -zu"o -na -a -bha, 'wo -p"u"o -na bh"e. 33-A -de, -gu"o kp"o '"o bh"e, 'wun -y"o -gban -a -bha -Zlan -bha 's"e"edh/e 'g"u =n/e: |i-Ka -dh/e -ga! -Gu"o kp"o '"o m/e -g/en =ya -zu"o -a -bha 'wo -p"u"o -na bh"e, a- do -ya -na Si/cn -p"o 'g"u; -gu"o kp"o '"o bh"e -a m/e -p"u"o -dh/e 'yaa =gbiin; 'k/e/e m/e '"o =ya "o -zo y"o -a -bha, y"o 'ka 'dho to "o -k/c 'kpaan 'ka.|d

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