'Dh/ebhowunta 6

1'Go m"u 'z"u 'a 'bhlan"e bh"e 'a- y"o k"o =duak"ep"e 'slapl/e bh"e =yaa- do 'w"u; '"o p"e 'bhee- -nu -yiisi"e 'wo bh"e 'a- do -wo ma k"o -ya p"o -na -wo 'gbee- 'ka =n/e dha -bha 'gbla -wo 'dh"o =n/e/e: “-Bh"o nu!” 2=Dh/e 'a- -ga bh"e 'a =soo 'puu do y"o. M/e '"o -k"e -a =taa bh"e 's/c/cn do -y"o -k"e -a -g/c; '"o 'wo 'g/c =gblaa' do nu -a -dh"e. Y"o '"o -to -a 'gbee- 'ka -m/e 'ka bh"e, 'y"o dho -yaan 'to -a 'gbee- 'ka 'z"u. 3'"O 'bhlan"e -y"o =duak"ep"e k"e =pl/e -naa w"u; 'a p"e 'bhee- -nu 'wo bh"e -a k"e =pl/e -naa -wo ma k"o -ya p"o -na: “-Bh"o nu!” 4=Dh/e =ya k"e 'p"o '"o =soo do '"o- bun 'dh"o nu/eaz"e bh"e 'y"o -wo, '"o m/e '"o -k"e -a =taa bh"e, '"o -k/c -m/c 'wu"en- -s"u -y"o nu -a -dh"e k"o -yaan -glu -da 'kpongtaa, -y"o k"e 'dh"o m/e -nu -waan wo 'ko -nu z"e. 'Wo -dhaa do =va nu -a -dh"e. 5'"O 'bhlan"e -y"o =duak"ep"e k"e -yaaga -naa w"u; '"o 'a p"e 'bhee- -nu bh"e -a k"e -yaaga -naa -wo ma k"o -ya p"o -na: “-Bh"o nu!” '"O =dh/e 'a- -ga, 'a =soo tii do y"o. M/e '"o -k"e -a =taa bh"e 'kilong kp"o do -y"o -k"e -a kw/e/e. 6'"O 'a 'we -wo do 'y"o go p"e 'bhee- -nu -yiisi"e 'wo bh"e -an zi"en -a ma =n/e/e: “=Bluu'- waa- 'kl"en -an -bi -wun -dho k"e 'gbee-. =Bluu'- -bi 'kilong do =s/cnng' -y"o -dho k"e -g/en d/c do =saan' 'ka; k"o 'kl"en -bi 'kilong -yaaga =s/cnng' -y"o k"e -g/en d/c do =saan' 'ka 'p"o. 'K/e/e k"o =kun 'ka pa 'y/cn waa- -dr/c/cn -an 'ka!” 7=Dh/e '"o 'bhlan"e -y"o =duak"ep"e -yiisi"e -naa w"u, '"o p"e 'bhee- -nu bh"e -a -yiisi"e -naa -de 'p"o 'a- -wo ma =n/e/e: “-Bh"o nu!” 8=Dh/e 'a- -ga bh"e 'a =soo bun 'yu"enyu"enz"e do y"o. M/e '"o -k"e -a =taa bh"e -a 't/c t/c/c ga, '"o =gl"o"ob/c/c -y"o zi"o -a 'pi"o. 'Wo 'kpongtaam/e -nu 'gbu -bha 'gbu nu -a -dh"e k"o -yaan p"e yaa k"e -an 'ka -dhaa, din -nu, 'yua -nu waa- w"u 'dhi"oz"e 'g"ugbeez"e -nu -an =kwaa'. 9'"O 'bhlan"e -y"o =duak"ep"e 's/c/cdhu -naa w"u. '"O m/e -nu 'wo -an z"e wo -bha -Zlan -wo -dh/e 'wun gia- -s"u waa- -a -wo =bl/e/e' -s"u -wun 'g"u bh"e, 'a -an nii y"o -Zlan -bha sla- -bho -a -ta -p"e =l"o"o. 10-Wo -k"e 'gbla -s"u 'g"u =wo"e' =n/e/e: “Yi D"em/e, bhi '"u 'sl"o"osl"o, '"u -dh"o 'wun giagia 'ka, "u -dho 'kpongtaam/e -nu -bha za kan, 'go m"u k"o '"u"en- m/e -nu 'wo 'wun -w/c yi -ta, 'yi to -a =kwaa' =n/e -an 'klo- bh/c -m"e yi"e =/e?” 11'"O m/e '"o -dh"o 'wo gblang 'puu do nu -a -dh"e, 'go m"u 'wo- p"o -an -dh"e -wo wo =fu"e =kun 't"ong '"o bh"e -a 'ka, -y"o 'dho -y"o y"o"e -an dhegluz"e -nu waa- -an 'bham/e -nu 'wo yu"o do bh"e -a 'g"u 'wo dho -an z"e =n/e -k/c 'wo -an zaa -a 'dh"o bh"e -an -dho 'ku"e- -s"u 'dhi"o -m/c 'ku"e =yi"e'. 12=Dh/e 'a- -ga k"o 'bhlan"e -y"o =duak"ep"e k"e 'slado -naa 'w"u -na. '"O 's/ezluundhe 'gbee- -y"o -k"e, '"o lan- -y"o -k"e tii =n/e s/c tii ga =vaaz"e do 'dh"o. '"O 'su -de 'p"o 'y"o -k"e nu/eaz"e =n/e f/ei 'dh"o. 13'"O 'susongga -nu -wo go dhang- -bha 'wo -p"u"o 's/e -ta =n/e -k/c '"o fig"o bh/e '"o =tun -kpo '"o 't"e"e 'gbee- =ya -ma -a -bha 'y"o =zaan 'zan -na '"o -p"u"o -na -a 'ka bh"e -a 'dh"o. 14'"O dhang- -y"o =y/c/cn "o =bhaa =n/e -k/c 'wo 's"e"edh/e -be k"e -na -a 'ka (=n/e -k/c 'wo =s/e/e' -be k"e -na -a 'ka bh"e) -a 'dh"o. '"O -t/cn -nu 'saadh"o waa- 's/e -t/cn -nu 'wo 'yi zi"en -an 'pl/e -wo go wo pin =taa. 15-Glud"e -nu 'wo 'kpongtaa -nu, 'dhi"o -s"u m/e 'ka -m/e -nu, 'dhasi =k/c/cnm/e -nu, =bh/c/cm/e -nu, 'piigbeedh/e -nu, m/e -nu 'wo to -nu, m/e -nu 'wo 'gan 'g"u 'iin 'waa 'gan 'g"u -nu, -wo -dho -bin =duudh/e -nu waa- -gu"o -t/cn 'g"u -dh/e -nu -an -bha. 16'"O 'wo- p"o -gu"o kp"o -nu 'iin -t/cn -nu -dh"e: “-Ka -lo yi -ta m/e '"o -ya -s"u 'ka 'g/c -gbloo 'g"u bh"e waa- 'bhlan"e -an -bha -naazu"edhe -g/c. 17Bhii -an -bha 'wun -naa -an -zu"e -yi '"o yi =va 'ka bh"e =ya -lo; d"o 'y"o dho dha -an -g/c -/e?”

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