'Dh/ebhowunta 4

1=Dh/e '"o =ya 'go m"u a 'yanpi"op"e do 'bhaa -y"o. 'A 'kw/e/e do y"o, k"o -y"o 'po -s"u 'ka dhang- 'g"u; '"o -wo do 'a- ma 'dhi"o '"o- -drinng -y"o -k"e =n/e 'truu -wo 'dh"o bh"e, 'a- ma 'z"u '"o- p"o n -dh"e: “-Bh"o -da '"u nu z"o k"o p"e -nu 'wo dho k"e 'dhi"o =zian' 'aan- -z/cn "u -dh"e!” 2'"O to m"u '"o -Zuu 'sl"o"osl"o -y"o pa n 'ka. '"O =dh/e 'a- -ga k"o 'g/c -gbloo do -y"o d/c -s"u 'ka dhang- 'g"u m"u. M/e do -y"o -k"e -ya -s"u 'ka 'g/c -gbloo bh"e -a 'g"u; 3'"o- w"o"odh/e 'bh"u -y"o -k"e =n/e -gu"o -wungbeez"e =suu'- 'wo- -dh/e 'zas"up"e '"o- bun 'yan dho -gbl/eibiz"e 'iin -gu"o -wungbeez"e =suu'- do 'wo- -dh/e 'saaduan"o '"o- bun dho nu/eaz"e -an 'dh"o. Dha -bh"u"o '"o- 'yan 'dho 'bh"u -s"u 'ka =n/e -gu"o -wungbeez"e =suu'- gb/e 'wo- -dh/e emelod"o '"o- bun -y"o -k"e -gbl/eibiz"e bh"e -a 'dh"o, -y"o -ni"e -a -bha 'g/c -gbloo -z"u. 4'Pi"o -bh/c =taa' -s"u -z"e 'ka -a -z"u 'to, 'g/c -gbloo 'g/c/c- =pl/e "o ga -yiisi"e 'bhaa gb/e -wo -k"e m"u. '"O m/e ziizii 'g/c/c- =pl/e "o ga -yiisi"e '"o s/c 'puu 'dh"o -an -bha, 'go m"u '"o 's"enng =gblaa' 'dho -ya -s"u 'ka -an -g/c -bha -wo -k"e -ya -s"u 'ka -an 'g"u. 5'"O p"e -nu 'wo -k"e =n/e dha -bha 'yan b/c -s"u 'dh"o -wo b/c 'g/c -gbloo =vaaz"e 'g"u 'ma =zian' 'wo -zi"o -blaandh"o, '"o p"e -nu 'wo -k"e =n/e dha -bha 'we -s"u 'dh"o 'wo b/c -dh/e do bh"e -a 'g"u =zian' 'wo -we. '"O -zu"o -nu -wo b/c 'ma =zian' 'p"o 'wo -we. 'Gbia -be 'slapl/e -wo -k"e 'kun =dhia 'g/c -gbloo bh"e -a 'dhi"o m"u. 'Gbia -be 'slapl/e 'wo bh"e 'wo t/c/c -Zlan -bha -Zuu 'slapl/e. 6'G/c -gbloo 'dhi"o m"u, p"e '"o -k"e =n/e p"e 'wo- 'v/edh/e k"e -na -a 'ka -a 'dh"o bh"e, -a 'yipu"e -y"o -k"e m"u, bhii m/e 'yan- -b/c -a 'g"u =n/e 'yi 'sl"o"osl"o 'dh"o. 'G/c -gbloo zi"en waa- -a 'sian 'pi"o -dh/e -nu -bha, p"e 'bhee- -yiisi"e '"o -an 'yan -nu 'dho -m/c -s"u 'ka -an bu"en- -an 'dhi"o =zian' waa- -an =zl"o"o =zian' -wo -k"e m"u. 7P"e 'bhee- -nu 'wo bh"e -a -bl/e/ez"e -y"o -bh/c =laa' -bha; -a =pl/e -naa -y"o bh/c -du 'n"e -bha; a- k"e -yaaga -naa w"o"odh/e -y"o bh/c m/e 'bhee- -l"u w"o"odh/e -bha, '"o- k"e -yiisi"e -y"o bh/c 'gbl"ubhaa '"o -l"o =dhia -a -bha. 8P"e 'bhee- -nu -yiisi"e 'wo bh"e, -a m/e '"o -dh"o -a gban -y"o 'slado; '"o -an 'yan -nu 'dh"o -lo -s"u 'ka -an gban -ta dhu"o -dh/e -nu waa- -an gban =l"o"o -dh/e -nu -bha. '"O 'waa wo bo -a p"o -s"u 'ka -dh/e 'po -s"u waa- 'bin 'm"e -s"u -an 'g"u =n/e/e: “'Sl"o"osl"o, 'sl"o"osl"o, 'sl"o"osl"o 'y"o t/c/c D"em/e -Zlan 'piigbeez"e 'y"o -k"e -dh"o, 'y"o -dh"o, 'y"o nu -na.” 9'"O =ya k"e p"e 'bhee- -nu -yiisi"e 'wo bh"e -wo 'tan -nu bho -na k"o m/e '"o -ya -s"u 'ka 'g/c -gbloo 'g"u, 'y"o -dh"o =to"ep"o 'ka bh"e -waan 't/c k"e =va, -waan -a =bhl"e -ya, 'go m"u -waan zu"o p"o, 10'"O m/e ziizii 'g/c/c- =pl/e "o ga -yiisi"e 'wo bh"e 'wo -lo wo kp/cn 'g"u, m/e '"o -ya -s"u 'ka 'g/c -gbloo 'g"u '"o -dh"o =to"ep"o 'ka bh"e -a w"o 'dhi"o '"o 'wo- gba. 'Wo dho wo -bha 'g/c =gblaa' 'ka 'wo- -lo 'g/c -gbloo 'dhi"o -a p"o -s"u 'ka =n/e/e: 11“Yi D"em/e, yi -bha -Zlan, -y"o "u -ma -kun k"o 't/cbh/cdhe, =bhl"eyadhe waa- 'piigbeedh/e -wo k"e "u -bha 'ka; bhii bhi =n/e '"u p"e 'pl/e -da, '"o -dhi "u -dh"e '"u -k"edh"os"u nu -an -dh"e.”

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