'Dh/ebhowunta 18

1=Dh/e '"o =ya k"e 'p"o, 'a -Zlan -bha b/cm/e do 'bhaa '"o -k/c -m/c 'wu"en- -s"u =va 'dho -a -g/c 'a- y"o k"o -y"o 'go -na dhang- 'g"u k"o -a 'bh"u =ya sa 'kpongtaadh/e 'saadh"o -bha. 2'Y"o -gbla -wo 'gbee- 'ka =n/e/e: “Babil/cn"e -p"o =va bh"e -a 'g"u =ya =si"o'-! -Ka -dh/e -ga, -a 'g"u =ya =si"o'-! -A -yadh/e =ya k"e zl"o"o -zuu yaa -nu k"edh/e 'ka. =Ya k"e zl"o"o -ma =suu'- yaaz"e -nu '"o 'waa 'sl"o"osl"o -an 'saadh"o -an k"edh/e 'ka. 3Bhii '"o t/c/c 's/eg"um/e -nu 'saadh"o =wa -dr/c/cn '"o- -bha =s/c/cn 'gbl"u"unz"e k"e -s"u 'ka bh"e -a m"u; '"o 'kpongtaa -glud"e -nu =wa wo -de =n"eng -a -bha, -k"e -dhuuz"e -s"u 'ka, -a 'pi"o. '"O 'dh/c/cd/cm/e -nu 'wo 'kpongtaa =wa k"e =bh/c/cz"e, -a -bha p"e =s/cnng' =vavaz"e -nu 'g"u.” 4'Go m"u 'z"u, '"o -wo do 'bhaa -y"o go dhang- 'g"u 'a- ma, 'y"o- p"o: “-Ka 'go p"odh/e bh"e -a 'g"u, ma 's/eg"um/e -nu! -Y"o k"e 'dh"o k"o =kun 'ka dho -da -a -bha =s/c/cn yaa -nu 'g"u 'iin k"o =kun '"o 'klobh/cdhe -nu '"o dho -ma -a 'ka bh"e '"o dho nu ka -ta 'p"o. 5Bhii -a -bha =s/c/cn yaa -nu -lo 'ko -ta -s"u -ta =ya 'dho =ya -lo dhang- 'g"u; -Zlan -zl"o yaa tr"o -a k"eyu"o yaa -nu 'ka. 6-Kaa 'y"enng bh/c =n/e -k/c '"o ka 'y"enng bh/ca bh"e -a 'dh"o. P"e '"o -k"e kaa bh"e, -kaa 'p"e bho -a -g/c -gwaa =pl/ez"e. -Kaa -bha y/c -k/c/c pa -y"o k"e 'gbee- -gwaa =pl/ez"e -y"o zi"e"e -a m/e '"o- -yu"o -k"e ka -dh"e bh"e -a -ta! 7-Ka 'klobh/cdhe waa- 'y"enngbh/cdhe w/c -a -ta =n/e -k/c do '"o- =kaa' 't/cbh/cdhe waa- =na/cp"e -nu 'g"u bh"e -a 'dh"o. -Ya -p"o "o -de 'g"u =n/e/e: ‘A -ya z"o =n/e -gludhe 'dh"o. 'Maa =g/eandhe 'ka, '"o n 'ka 'dho p"e 'wo- -dh/e ga -a d/c 'gb/e/edh"o.’ 8-A -wun 'g"u 'wun -nu 'wo 'dho"e- nu -a -ta bh"e -wo -dho -ya -a -bha -dh/ekpa/cyi do 'kpaan 'ka; '"o t/c/c ga 'dh"o, ga -gbo -nu waa- din -nu. -A 'g"u -dho =si"o'- 'si"o =kwaa'. Bhii kwa D"em/e -Zlan 'y"o- -bha za kan bh"e -a 'pii -y"o 'gbee-. 9-Glud"e -nu 'wo 'kpongtaa '"o wo -nu 'wo =s/c/cn -k"e 'iin '"o 'wo wo -de nu =na/cp"e -nu -bha -k"e m/e -g/c -s"u -dh"e bh"e, yi 'wo 'dho"e- p"odh/e bh"e -a 'g"u"o -s"u 'si/cn =luu'- -s"u y"o"e bh"e -a 'ka, -wo -dho 'gbo b/c wo -de =maa 'ma -s"u 'ka -a -wun 'g"u. 10-Wo -dho d/c -a 'ka =gbiin 'su"o 'ka, 'y"enngbh/cdhe '"o 'dho"e- nu p"odh/e bh"e -a 'g"u -m/e -nu -ta bh"e -a -wun 'g"u, '"o 'wo- p"o: ‘-M"e 'yena -wun =n/e -oo! 'Yena -wun -ml"e '"o =n/e/e! O, Babil/cn"e, p"odh/e =va 'piigbeez"e! 'L/el/e do 'kpaan 'g"u -wun 'y"o "u 'klo bh/c =n/e =a!’ 11'Dh/c/cd/cm/e -nu 'wo 'kpongtaa -wo 'gbo b/c -na wo -de =maa 'ma -s"u 'ka -a -wun 'g"u 'p"o, bhii '"o t/c/c m/e 'yaa p"e gb/e 'dh/c -an -g/c gb/c. 12P"e -nu =ya k"e 'wo- dh/c bh"e 'wo t/c/c: 'S"enng, 'w"e"u-, -g"u"o =suu'- -wungbeez"e -nu, -zl/c/c -nu, s/c -s/e/eb/c -nu, s/c =suu'- bun nu/eaz"e -nu, 'l"u =suu'- -wungbeez"e -nu, p"e -nu 'wo- yan bi"o 's/cn 'ka, -a m/e -nu 'wo 'yan -s"u 'ka 'l"u =suu'- do 'bhaa =s/cnng' 'gbeez"e 'ka, -a m/e -nu 'wo- yan z"en 'ka, -a m/e -nu 'wo- yan -pi"o 'ka 'iin -t/cn 'pi"o -gu"o =suu'- do 'wo- -dh/e 'maabl"e, 13p"e din -k"e -s"e -p"e -nu 'wo- -dh/e kan/el"o waa- -a 'bhaa -nu; p"e 'yi 't"e"e -s"e"ez"e -nu 'wo- -dh/e 'miil"o waa- -a 'bhaa -nu, 'g"u"o -p"e 't"e"e -s"e"ez"e -nu, -dr/c/cn 'yi -nu, 'y/cn -nu, 'blee- ga waa- 'blee- -bi -nu, -du -nu, 'bhla -nu, =soo -nu waa- -yaa 'g"u -p"e, -wo -dho -dewo 'wo m/e 'bhee- -nu 'dh/c/c d/c =n/e =nua -nu 'dh"o. 14'"O 'dh/c/cd/cm/e -nu 'wo bh"e 'wo- p"o p"odh/e bh"e -a -dh"e: ‘"U -bha =na/cp"e '"u- 'pi"o -be k"o '"u "u 'yan d/c -a -bha bh"e -an 'pl/e 'g"u =ya =si"o'-; "u -bha =bh/c/cp"e -nu waa- "u -bha p"e =s/cnng' 'gbeez"e -nu 'g"u =ya =si"o'-! "U 'ka 'dho -an y"o gb/c 'gb/e/edh"o!’ 15'Dh/c/cd/cm/e -nu 'wo -k"e =bh/c/cz"e 'dh/c/c d/c -s"u 'ka p"odh/e bh"e -a 'g"u, -wo -dho d/c -a 'ka =gbiin '"o 'yena -wun '"o 'dho"e- k"e p"o- bh"e -a 'g"u -m/e -nu 'ka bh"e, '"o- 'su"o -y"o -da -an 'g"u. -Wo -dho 'gbo -nu b/c wo -de =maa 'ma -s"u 'ka 16-a p"o -s"u 'ka =n/e/e: ‘'"O"o, -m"e 'yena -wun '"o =n/e -oo; 'yena -wun -ml"e '"o -k"e p"odh/e =va =n/e -a 'ka =n/e -oo! '"O 'dhu '"o- wo s/c 'bi/cnbi/cn 'puu waa- -a nu/eaz"e 'ka, '"o 's"enng =baa' -p"e -nu, -gu"o 'yanbh/cs"uz"e -nu, -zl/c/c -nu -wo -k"e -a -bha, 17'"O 'l/el/e do 'kpaan 'g"u, '"o =bh/c/cp"e -nu 'wo- -g/c 'saadh"o bh"e, '"o- 'pl/e 'g"u =ya =si"o =n/e =a!’ 'Dhi"o -s"u 'yitag/c 'dhasi -nu 'ka -m/e waa- "o bha -dho 'tag"um/e -nu, 'yitag/cbl"um/e -nu waa- 'yitag/cg"um/e -nu 'wo to 't"o"udh"o -wo -d/c =gbiin, 18'wo 'k/c -nu 'g"u"o -s"u 'si/cn -ga; 'wo y"o =gblaa 'gbla -s"u 'g"u =n/e/e: ‘P"odh/e '"o- =suu'- dho k"e =n/e p"odh/e =va '"o =n/e -a 'dh"o yaa k"e -dh"o do!’ 19'Wo -b"u"o -bi -nu -lo wo -g/c -ta, 'wo 'gbo -nu b/c wo -de -maa 'ma -s"u 'ka =wo"e' =n/e/e: ‘'Yena -wun -m"u =dh/e =/e! P"odh/e =va '"o =n/e '"o- -bha =bh/c/cp"e -nu bh"e '"o m/e -nu 'wo 'yoo -ta 'yitag/cg"um/e -nu 'ka 'wo =kaa' =bh/c/cz"e bh"e 'yena -wun =ya kaa =dh/e =/e! Bhii 'l/el/e do 'kpaan 'g"u -wun =yaa- 'pl/e 'g"u =si"o'-! 20Dhang- 'g"u -dh/e, -bh"o =zu"ogludhi k"e, bhii -a 'g"u =ya =si"o'-; m/e -nu '"o -Zlan -y"o ka s"u "o -bha 'ka, ka 'dh"o, -Zlan 'dhiwop"om/e -nu 'dh"o, waa- Yesu -bha b/c -m/e -nu, -ka =zu"ogludhi k"e, bhii -Zlan =ya -a -bha za 'kan, -a -bha 'wun yaa '"o- -k"e ka 'ka bh"e -a -wun 'g"u. Za =yaa- 'kun, -a 'klo =ya bh/c.’ ” 21=Dh/e =ya k"e 'dh"o, '"o -Zlan -bha b/cm/e do 'g"u 'gbeez"e -y"o -gu"o kp"o do '"o- -ta -y"o -k"e =n/e 'blee- ga -w"u"u -a 'ka -gu"o kp"o do =va 'dh"o -a s"u '"o- -zu"o 'yoo =bhaa -a p"o -s"u 'ka =n/e/e: “-K/c do gia- '"o =n/e '"o Babil/cn"e -p"o =va dho =zong'- -a 'ka k"o -a 'g"u -yaan =si"o'-. '"O m/e gb/e 'ka 'dho "o 'yan d/c -a -bha gb/c 'gb/e/edh"o. 22M/e gb/e 'ka 'dho 'tan bho -wo -nu, k/cng z"e -wo -nu, -bh/cng -pi"o -wo -nu waa- 'truu -pi"o -wo -nu -an gb/e ma "u =pl"o"o gb/c. Waa 'dho =daan' -yu"o =suu'- 'oo =suu'- k"e -m/e gb/e y"o "u =pl"o"o gb/c. Waa 'dho 'blee- ga z/cn -drinng ma "u =pl"o"o gb/c. 23=Labang yaa 'dho y"o "u =pl"o"o gb/c. Waa 'dho dhe 's"u -s"u 'iin -dho gwaan -s"u -drinng ma "u =pl"o"o gb/c. "U -bha 'dh/c/cd/cm/e -nu -wo -k"e m/e 'piigbeez"e -nu 'ka 'kpongtaa, bhii "u 's/eg"um/e -nu 'pl/e -p"u"o "u -bha 'gina -nu k"e -s"u 'ka. 24Babil/cn"e -dh/e 'klo -y"o -bh/c, '"o t/c/c -dh/e bh"e =n/e '"o 'wo -Zlan -wodhi"olom/e -nu waa- m/e 'sl"o"osl"o -nu z"e -a -bha. M/e -nu 'saadh"o 'wo -an z"e 'kpongtaa, -wo -an -y"o m"u.”

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