'Dh/ebhowunta 17

1=Dh/e =ya k"e 'p"o '"o -Zlan -bha b/cm/e -nu 'slapl/e '"o -k/c/c pa -s"u 'slapl/e -y"o -k"e -an -g/c bh"e, '"o- m/e do -y"o nu '"o- p"o n -dh"e: “-Bh"o nu k"o -k/c 'a dho =s/c/cnk"edhe =va '"o p"o- =va '"o d/c -s"u 'ka 'yiga =pl"e"ez"e 's/c/c -a 'klo- bh/c -a 'ka bh"e 'aan- -z/cn "u -dh"e. 2'Kpongtaa -glud"e -nu =wa wo -de k"e -dhuuz"e -a 'pi"o, 'go m"u '"o 'kpongtaam/e -nu =waa- -bha =s/c/cn k"e -s"u -dr/c/cn m"u, -a 'yi =ya zi"o -an -g/c.” 3'"O -Zlan -bha b/cm/e -y"o dho n 'ka 'y"enng =taa -Zuu 'sl"o"osl"o =kwaa'. -Dh/e bh"e =n/e 'a dheb/c do y"o -a -bha k"o -y"o -ya -s"u 'ka w"u nu/eaz"e '"o 'si -bho -Zlan -g/c -t/c -nu 'dho -lo -s"u 'ka -a -bha -a =taa. W"u '"o 'dh"o bh"e -a -g/c -nu -wo 'slapl/e '"o- -s"o -nu 'dho 'g/c/c- do. 4Dheb/c '"o bh"e, s/c bun nu/eaz"e -y"o -k"e -a -bha; '"o- 'bhaa -nu -wo -k"e 's"enng 'ka, '"o- 'bhaa -nu -wo -k"e -gu"o 'yan bho -s"u -z"e -nu 'ka, -zl/c/c -nu -wo -k"e -a -bha. 'S"enng -k/c/c do '"o -k"e pa -s"u 'ka p"e =l/c/cz"e -nu, p"e -dhuuz"e -nu 'wo- -bha =s/c/cn k"e -s"u 'pi"o -p"e -nu 'ka -y"o -k"e -a kw/e/e. 5'"O 't/c do '"o- -g/en 'dho -bin -s"u 'ka 'y"o -k"e -ya -s"u 'ka -a -kpong 'g"u =n/e/e: Babil/cn"e, 'kwip"o =va, =s/c/cnk"edhe -nu waa- p"e =l/c/cz"e -nu 'wo 'kpongtaa -an dhe. 6Dheb/c '"o m/e 'sl"o"osl"o -nu waa- Yesu -bha =goo- -nu f/ei m"u bh"e, a- -y"o k"o f/ei bh"e -ya k"e -na =n/e -k/c '"o y/c 'yi 'dh"o m/e k"e -na -a 'ka bh"e -a 'dh"o. '"O 'tetundhe =va -y"o -da n 'g"u n 'yan -bha -d/c -a -bha -s"u 'ka. 7'"O -Zlan -bha b/cm/e -ya p"o n -dh"e: “-M"e 'y"o -k"e '"o "u 'te -y"o tun =ii? Dheb/c bh"e waa- w"u '"o- -g/c 'dho 'slapl/e, '"o- -s"o -nu 'dho 'g/c/c- do, '"o -ya -s"u 'ka -a =taa bh"e, a -dho -a -g/en '"o -bin -s"u 'ka bh"e -a p"o "u -dh"e. 8W"u '"o bh"e -y"o -k"e 'bhee- 'dhi"o -be 'k/e/e 'yaa 'dh"o gb/c, -y"o -dho go -glu 'kpa 'dhi =va 'g"u k"o -yaan 'dho "o 'g"u =si"o' -zian 'ka. M/e -nu 'wo 'kpongtaa '"o -an 't/c yaa -ya -k"edh"os"u 's"e"edh/e -be 'g"u 'kpongtaadh/e z"ud/cyi 'ka bh"e, -an 'te -y"o -dho tun -a -bha -go -glu 'kpa 'dhi =va 'g"u -s"u 'ka -an 'yaan 'ka. Bhii -y"o -k"e -dh"o, 'yaa -dh"o gb/c; 'k/e/e -y"o -dho -wo 'z"u. 9-Dh/e '"o =n/e '"o t/c/c 'wund/cdhe waa- 'kpaakpadh/e -an -z/cn -dh/e. -A -g/c -nu 'slapl/e bh"e 'wo t/c/c 's/e -t/cn 'slapl/e '"o dheb/c '"o bh"e '"o -ya -s"u 'ka -an -ta; -wo -glud"e 'slapl/e 'ka 'p"o. 10-An m/e 's/c/cdhu =wa 'go -an zi"en; 'waa -dh"o gb/c, -a m/e do 't/c -y"o bh/c -s"u 'g"u. -A m/e k"e 'slapl/e -naa yaa nu =kun; =ya k"e =n/e =ya nu, 't"ong kp"o 'bhle =n/e '"o dho"e- k"e z"o. 11W"u '"o 'dhi"o -bez"e '"o -k"e 'bhee- '"o 'yaa- 'ka gb/c bh"e, y"o gia- '"o t/c/c -glud"e k"e 'sl/eaga -naa, y"o =n/e '"o t/c/c -glud"e 'slapl/e 'wo bh"e -a m/e do '"o =ya "o -bha -glud"edh/e k"e 'saadh"o, 'y"o 'dho -na "o -bha 'g"u =si"o' -zian 'ka bh"e. 12-A -s"o -nu 'g/c/c- do '"u -an y"o bh"e 'wo t/c/c -glud"e -nu 'g/c/c- do '"o waa 't/cbh/cdhe k"e =kun 'k/e/e -wo -dho -k/c -m/c 'wu"en- -s"u y"o wo -bha -glud"edh/ek"edh/e -bha k"o waa- w"u bh"e -an 't/c -yaan bh/c 'l/el/e do 'pi"o. 13=Dh/e 'wo- -bha 'g/c/c- do, -an -zo -ta -a 'g"u -wun -y"o do, '"o 'wo wo -bha 'piigbeedh/e waa- -k/c -m/c 'wu"en- -s"u -lo w"u bh"e -a kw/e/e. 14-Wo -dho 'ko -ya 'bhlan"e -bha, 'k/e/e 'bhlan"e -y"o -dho to -a 'gbee- 'ka -an -ta; bhii '"o t/c/c -y"o d"em/e -nu -bha D"em/e waa- -glud"e -nu -bha -glud"e 'ka. Y"o 'dh"o waa- "o bha m/e -nu, m/e '"o -an =dh/c/c -k"e, '"o -an s"u 'wo -to -a 'pi"o -m/e -nu 'ka -wo dho to -a 'gbee- 'ka.” 15'"O -Zlan -bha b/cm/e -ya p"o n -dh"e 'z"u =n/e/e: “'Yi -nu '"u -an y"o, '"o =s/c/cnk"edhe -y"o -k"e -a -ta bh"e 'wo t/c/c 's/eg"um/e -nu, m/e gbung -nu, 's/eg/cg"um/e -nu, -wo =suu'- 'oo =suu'- p"o -m/e -nu. 16-S"o 'g/c/c- do '"u -an y"o bh"e waa- w"u -wo -dho =s/c/cnk"edhe '"o bh"e -a -san z"e; -wo -dho -a -bha p"e -nu 'wo- -g/c -a 'pl/e kun -a -g/c '"o 'y"o to "o bun 'kpaan 'ka. -Wo -dho -a =n"eng -bh"o '"o 'wo- 'g"u =si"o 'si"o 'ka. 17Bhii -Zlan -de =n/e '"o "o -de -dhi -a -dh"e -wun -da -an =zu"o' 'g"u 'wo- -k"e, '"o 'wo dho wo 'ku"e-, 'wo wo -bha -k/c -m/c 'wu"en- -s"u nu w"u bh"e -a -dh"e, -yaan 'dho -yaan y"o"e -Zlan -wo -nu 'dhi"o -m/c 'ku"e -yi -bha. 18-A -de, dheb/c '"u- y"o bh"e '"o t/c/c p"odh/e =va '"o -g/c -dh/e k"e -na -glud"e -nu -ta 'kpongtaa.”

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