Mati"o 7

1'Y"o- p"o -an -dh"e 'z"u: “K"o =kun 'ka za d/c m/e gb/e -bha! -Y"o k"e 'dh"o, k"o =kun '"o -Zlan dho za -lo ka tu"o. 2Bhii -Zlan -dho za -lo ka tu"o =n/e -k/c '"o 'ka za d/c -a 'ka m/e -nu 'wo to -an -bha -a 'dh"o. 'Ka za d/c m/e -bha 'gbee- 'ka, -Zlan -dho za -lo ka tu"o 'p"o 'gbee- 'ka. 3-M"e '"o -k"e '"o 'l"u -gba =va 'y"o -s/c "u 'y"enngdh"o bh"e '"o 'bhaa- y"o, '"o- p"e '"o dho "u dheglu 'y"enngdh"o bh"e, 'y"o '"u -dh/e -ga -a 'pi"o e? 4"U -dho -a p"o "u dheglu -dh"e -k/ckl"e: ‘D/c, 'a p"e '"o bh"e 'a- bho "u 'y"enngdh"o!’, 'k/e/e k"o "u -bha 'l"u -gba =va -y"o "u 'y"enngdh"o 'sa? 5M/e 'yaan- 'kun -m/e, -bh"o "u -bha 'l"u -gba bho "u 'y"enngdh"o poo =e, k"o '"u"en- -dh/e y"o -s"e 'ka, '"u"en- "u dheglu -bha bho -a 'y"enngdh"o 'p"o! 6K"o =kun '"o p"e '"o 'sl"o"osl"o 'ka- nu gb/en- -nu -dh"e! -Y"o k"e 'dh"o, k"o =kun 'wo dho =dhi"e' ka 'pi"o -waan ka 'g"u =si"o'-. K"o =kun 'ka ka -bha -zl/c/c -nu '"o -an =bhl"e 'dh"o =va, -an -zu"o -bh/ctii -nu 'dhi"o! 'Y"o 'wo =taa' -a -ta dhu"o.” 7'Y"o- p"o 'z"u: “'Ka p"e -dh/e, ka -dho -a y"o! 'Ka p"e =m/e/e'-, ka -dho -a y"o! 'Ka 'kw/e/e -ta -ma, -wo -dho -a po ka -g/c! 8Bhii m/e 'oo m/e '"o p"e -dh/e, -ya y"o, '"o m/e '"o p"e =m/e/e '"o- y"o, '"o 'wo 'kw/e/e -po m/e '"o 'kw/e/e -ta -ma -a -g/c. 9M/e 'bhaa -y"o -dh"o ka zi"en z"o, '"o- -bha 'n"e =ya =bluu'- -dh/e -a -g/c, '"o -gu"o kp"o nu -a -dh"e -a? 10'Iin '"o dh"o =m/e/e 'n"e s"u '"o- nu -a -dh"e k"o =ya 'yu"o- -dh/e -a -g/c -e? 11=Dh/e m/e '"o 'ka m/e -nu k"ewunyaaz"e -nu 'ka, 'ka d/c p"e -s/e/eb/c -nu ka -bha 'n"e -nu -dh"e -dh/e -d/c bh"e, k"o -sama 'sama, -m"e '"o -k"e ka D"e '"o dhang- 'g"u, 'yaa 'dho p"e -s/e/eb/c -nu nu m/e 'wo- -dh/e -a -g/c -an -dh"e -/e? 12P"e 'ka- 'pi"o k"o m/e -nu -wa k"e ka -dh"e bh"e, -kaa k"e -an -dh"e 'p"o! Bhii p"e '"o Moiz"o -bha t/cng waa- -Zlan -wodhi"olom/e -nu -bha 's"e"edh/e -wa -z/cn -a 'ka y"o -m"u.” 13'Y"o- p"o 'z"u: “-Da 'k/cdhi 'gb/ea -bha -s"u 'ka- -ga -na bh"e, =y"o 'p"e"ep"e 'dh"o; 'k/e/e y"o =n/e '"o t/c/c zian -gblooga 'gb/ea '"o dho m/e 'bhee- 'ka 'g"u =si"o' -zian 'pi"o; y"o =n/e '"o m/edh/evadh/e dh"o -a -zian -ta bh"e. =Dh/e '"o 'dh"o =n/e, -ka -da 'k/cdhi 's/c/cs/c -bha =zian'! 14'K/e/e 'k/cdhi 's/c/cs/c bh"e, y"o =n/e '"o t/c/c 'k/cdhi '"o- -da m"u -s"u 'dh"o 'gbee- 'ka. Y"o =n/e '"o t/c/c zian -gblooga '"o dho =to"ep"o -k"edh"os"u -zian 'pi"o, '"o m/e -nu 'wo- -ta, 'wo 'tee.” 15'Y"o Yesu -ya p"o -an -dh"e 'z"u: “-Ka ka -de k"e 'sl"e 'ka -Zlan -wodhi"olom/e -nu =suaz"e -g/c! 'Bhla kwi =n/e 'wo- -da wo -bha '"o 'ka -an -ga, 'wo -k"e 'bhla 'ka ka -dh"e bh"e, 'k/e/e a- -p"o ka -dh"e: =N 'n; wo -z"e, =laa' -m"u -an 'ka 'dh/e! 16Ka -dho -an d/c -an k"ep"e -nu -bha. 'Waa l/ez/en -kpa bho 'kpa dan -kp/c/c 'g"u, 'iin 'waa fig"o bh/e bho dhetii 'ginng 'g"u. 17'L"u '"o 'l"u -s"e 'ka, -y"o -bha "o bh/e -s"e 'ka, '"o 'l"u m/e '"o- yaa 'ka, 'y"o bha "o bh/e yaa -nu 'ka 'p"o. 18'L"u '"o 'l"u -s"e 'ka, 'yaa bha "o bh/e yaa -nu 'ka; '"o 'l"u '"o 'l"u yaa 'ka, 'yaa bha 'p"o "o bh/e -s"e -nu 'ka. 19'L"u 'oo 'l"u '"o yaa bha "o bh/e -s"e -nu 'ka, -a 'kan =n/e 'wo dho -a wo -waan -a -zu"o si"o"o. 20-K/c do bh"e -a 'ka, ka dho -Zlan -wodhi"olom/e =suaz"e -nu d/c -a 'ka -an k"eyu"o -nu -bha.” 21'Y"o- p"o: “Yaa k"e =n/e m/e -nu '"o 'wo dho -a p"o ‘N D"em/e, n D"em/e’ 't"o"udh"o bh"e =n/e '"o 'wo dho -da -Zlan -bha -glud"edh/e 'g"u dhang- 'g"u; 'k/e/e dos/en m/e '"o 'dho"e- n D"e '"o -ya -s"u 'ka dhang- -nu 'g"u, p"e '"o- 'pi"o '"o- k"e. 22-Zlan -bha zakanyi 'ka, m/edh/evadh/e -wo -dho -a p"o n -dh"e =n/e/e: ‘N D"em/e, n D"em/e, yi -Zlan 'dhi -wo -p"o "u 't/c 'g"u, yi -zuu yaa -nu -k"e m/e -nu 'g"u "u 't/c 'g"u, '"o 'yi -dhidhaa =pl"e"ez"e -nu -k"e "u 't/c 'g"u’. 23'K/e/e a -dho -a p"o -an -dh"e 's"ongg"o -s"ongg"o: ‘N 'ka ka d/c 'gb/e/edh"o, ka '"o ka -bha -y"o -k"e 'wun yaa k"e -s"u 'ka -kplawo bh"e, -ka =y/c/cn 'ma, 'ka 'go n 's/c/c!’ ” 24'Y"o- p"o 'z"u: “'"O m/e 'oo m/e '"o "o 'to to 'wun -nu 'ka 'go -na -a ma =dhia =n/e -a -bha, '"o- kun -a 'kun -k/c gia- 'ka, -y"o -dho bh/c m/e do 'wun -bho 'kou d/c -s"u -z"e, '"o "o -bha 'k/c d/c -gu"o -ta -a -bha. 25'"O dha -y"o ban, '"o 'yiga -nu -wo pa, '"o 't"e"e -y"o -zi"o 'gbee- 'ka 'k/c bh"e -a -bha, 'k/e/e yaa -lo, bhii '"o t/c/c -a -g/en -y"o -gban -s"u 'ka -gu"o -ta. 26'K/e/e m/e 'oo m/e '"o 'wun 'ka 'go -na -a ma =dhia =n/e, =yaa- ma '"o yaa- 'kun -a 'kun -k/c -s"e 'ka, -y"o -dho bh/c m/e do '"o 'yaa 'wun -bho 'kou d/c '"o "o -bha 'k/c d/c 'y"enng 'g"u -a -bha. 27'Y"o dha -nu -wo -ban, '"o 'yiga -nu -wo pa, '"o 't"e"e -nu -wo -zi"o 'gbee- 'ka 'k/c bh"e -a -bha, 'y"o -lo. '"O 'k/c '"o 'dh"o bh"e, '"o- =si"o' 't"o"udh"o.” 28=Dh/e '"o Yesu =ya y"en 'wun -nu 'wo =n/e -an =bl/e/e'- -s"u -bha, m/e gbung -nu 'wo -k"e m"u bh"e, 'tetundhe =va -y"o -da -an 'g"u, -a -bha m/e =daan' -k/c =suu'- bh"e -a -wun 'g"u. 29Bhii '"o t/c/c yaa k"e =n/e Zuif"o -nu -bha t/cngg/cm/e -nu -bha m/e =daan' -k/c 'dh"o, 'k/e/e -y"o m/e -nu -daan -wogbiindh/e 'ka.

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