Mati"o 2

1Yesu -y"o -bh/c Zude -p"o do 'wo- -dh/e Betel/em"e -a 'g"u, 't"ong '"o El/cd"o -y"o -k"e -a 'ka -glud"e 'ka bh"e -a 'ka. =Dh/e =ya k"e 'dh"o, 'wunbhokoud/cm/e -nu '"o -an 'yan -y"o -k"e 'susongga -nu 'pi"o bh"e, -wo -go 's/eg/c '"o lan- =luu'- =zian' -a 'ka, 'wo nu Zeluzal/em"e. 2'Wo m/e -nu =dh/e/e' kp/c -a p"o -s"u 'ka =n/e/e: “'N"e '"o dho k"e Zuif"o -nu -bha -glud"e 'ka 'y"o bh/c bh"e, -y"o m"e =/e? 'Susongga '"o- -z/cn =n/e =ya bh/c bh"e -y"o -wo yi -ta 'ma, 'yi- y"o yi -s/e 'g"u. -A -wun 'g"u 'yi nu k"o 'yi"en- -a gba bh"e.” 3=Dh/e 'wun bh"e '"o -glud"e El/cd"o -ya ma, -a 'wun -ya -kun, '"o 'su"o -y"o -da -a 'g"u. -K/c do bh"e '"o =kaa' Zeluzal/em"e -m/e -nu 't"o"udh"o -g/c 'p"o. 4'"O slabhom/e -nu -g/cm/e -nu, Zuif"o -nu -bha t/cngg/cm/e -nu 'wo- -g/c 's/e '"o bh"e -a 'g"u, 'y"o -an 'pl/e =dh/c/c -k"e wo 'ko =bhaa, 'y"o -an =dh/e/e' kp/c -Zlan -bha -Yam/e bh/c -dh/e -wun 'ka. 5'"O 'wo- p"o -a -dh"e: “-Y"o -dho bh/c Betel/em"e, Zude -s/e 'g"u. Bhii p"e '"o -Zlan -wodhi"olom/e -ya -ya -Zlan -bha 's"e"edh/e 'g"u '"o =n/e/e: 6|iKa gia- 'p"o, 'ka Betel/em"e -m/e -nu 'ka, '"o 'ka Zude -s/e 'g"u, ka -bha p"odh/e bh"e 'yaa p"odh/e 'tee 'ka Zude -p"o =vava -nu zi"en. Bhii -glud"e do -y"o -dho go ka zi"en k"o -yaan y"o ma 's/eg/cg"um/e -nu 'ka Izla/el"o -m/e -nu 'ka ka -dh"e 'dhi"o =n/e -k/c '"o -tu"e -maak"em/e 'dh"o y"o -na -a 'ka "o bha -tu"e -nu -dh"e 'dhi"o bh"e -a 'dh"o.|d” 7=Dh/e =ya k"e 'dh"o, '"o El/cd"o -y"o 'wunbhokoud/cm/e -nu -dh/e -dh/e =taa, 'y"o -an =dh/e/e' kp/c kpinngdh"o 't"ong '"o 'susongga -y"o =wo"e' -an -ta bh"e -a -wun 'ka k"o -wa =bl/e/e'- "o -dh"e. 8'Go m"u 'y"o -an b/c Betel/em"e =wo"e' =n/e/e: “-Ka 'dho 'ka 'n"e '"o bh"e 'ka- =m/e/e' -s"e 'ka! =Ya k"e =n/e 'ka- y"o, -ka nu 'ka- =bl/e/e'- n -dh"e k"o ma -de 'p"o 'aan- 'dho -a gba =dhia.” 9=Dh/e -glud"e -wo '"o bh"e =waa- ma, 'wo dho. -An -bha 'dho -s"u 'ka, 'susongga do 'wo- y"o wo -g/c 's/e 'g"u bh"e, -wa y"o 'z"u. 'Susongga bh"e -y"o 'ta -s"u -an 'dhi"o '"o 'wo dho"e 'dh"o. =Dh/e 'wo -lo 'k/c '"o Yesu 'bl"e -k"e -a 'g"u bh"e -a 'tr"u"un 'ka, '"o 'susongga bh"e '"o =gbaannu. '"O -an =zu"o' 'glu -y"o -dhi 's"ongg"o -s"ongg"o. 11'Wo dho 'wo -da 'k/c '"o bh"e -a 'g"u, 'wo 'n"e 'bl"e bh"e waa- "o dhe Mali 'wo -an y"o, 'wo -lo wo kp/cn 'g"u, '"o 'n"e 'bl"e bh"e 'wo- gba. 'Go m"u 'wo wo -bha =kw/e/e- -nu 'dhi -po, 'wo y"o gba/c -nu k"e -a -dh"e -s"u 'g"u: 'S"enng -nu, p"e 'bhaa '"o waa- 'g"u"o -p"e 't"e"e -s"e"ez"e 'wo- -dh/e ansaan waa- p"e 'yi 't"e"e -s"e"ez"e 'wo- -dh/e 'miil"o bh"e, 'wo -an nu -a -dh"e. 12=Dh/e =ya k"e 'dh"o, '"o -Zlan -y"o 'wunbhokoud/cm/e -nu =kpa/c yi"o =zian' =n/e k"o =kun 'wo -y/e wo 'z"u 'wo dho El/cd"o 'pi"o, 'k/e/e 'wo b/c zian gb/e 'ka 'wo dho wo =pl"o"o. 13=Dh/e '"o 'wunbhokoud/cm/e -nu =wa 'dho, '"o -Zlan -bha b/cm/e do -y"o -wo Zoz/efu -ta yi"o =zian', '"o- p"o -a -dh"e: “-Bh"o =luu'-, '"u 'n"e bh"e waa- "o dhe '"u -an 's"u, 'ka =du"e 'ka 'dho Ezit"o -s/e 'g"u! -Ka 'to 'ma -y"o 'dho -y"o y"o"e yi 'a dho -a p"o"e "u -dh"e '"u 'y/e "u 'z"u '"u nu -a 'ka -a -bha! Bhii El/cd"o -dho 'n"e '"o =n/e -a =m/e/e' k"o -yaan -a z"e.” 14'"O Zoz/efu -y"o =luu, 'y"o 'n"e waa- "o dhe 'wo bh"e -an s"u gbeng, 'wo dho Ezit"o -s/e 'g"u. 15'Wo to Ezit"o '"o dho '"o y"o"e El/cd"o -bha ga -yi -bha. P"e -nu 'wo =n/e -wo -k"e k"o p"e '"o kwa D"em/e -Zlan -ya =bl/e/e '"o b/ca "o -wodhi"olom/e -nu -ta bh"e -an 'dhi"o -yaan -m/c 'ku"e =n/e/e: |iA n Gb"o -dh/e, 'y"o go Ezit"o -s/e 'g"u.|d 16=Dh/e '"o El/cd"o =yaa- d/ca =n/e 'wunbhokoud/cm/e -nu waa nu gb/c, '"o -naadhe =va -y"o -da -a 'g"u. 'Y"o- p"o "o bha 'dhasi -nu -dh"e k"o -wo 'n"e g/c/cn- =suu'- 'saadh"o '"o s"u 'n"e 'bl"e -nu -bha '"o y"o"e -an -m/e '"o -an -kw/e dho y"o -kw/e =pl/e -bha, 'wo Betel/em"e -dh/e waa- -a -z"utodh/e -nu -bha, -wo -an 'pl/e z"e. '"O t/c/c k"o =ya 't"ong '"o 'wunbhokoud/cm/e -nu -wo 'susongga -wo -an -ta -yi =bl/e/e -a 'ka -a -dh"e bh"e =yaa- -ya 'ko 'dhi"o k"e 'saadh"o. 17-K/c bh"e -a 'ka, p"e '"o -Zlan -wodhi"olom/e Zelemi -ya p"o bh"e, '"o- 'dhi"o -y"o -m/c 'ku"e. 18-Ya -p"o: |i-Wo 'gbla -wo -nu ma -na Lama -p"o 'g"u, 'gbo -zu"o -nu waa- -de =maamadhe =va -nu -an 'ka. Las/el"o =n/e '"o 'gbo b/c -na "o -bha 'n"e -nu -wun 'g"u bh"e; 'yaa- 'pi"o k"o -wa -dhiaga bho, bhii '"o t/c/c -an 'g"u =ya =si"o'-.|d 19=Dh/e '"o El/cd"o 'g"u =ya =si"o'-, '"o -Zlan -bha b/cm/e do -y"o -wo Zoz/efu -ta yi"o =zian' Ezit"o -s/e 'g"u, 20'y"o- p"o -a -dh"e: “-Bh"o =luu'-, '"u 'n"e waa- "o dhe -an 's"u, 'ka 'y/e ka 'z"u 'ka 'dho Izla/el"o -s/e 'g"u, bhii m/e -nu 'wo- 'pi"o -be k"o 'n"e bh"e -waan -a z"e bh"e 'waa -dh"o gb/c.” 21'"O Zoz/efu -y"o =luu, '"o 'n"e waa- "o dhe bh"e 'y"o -an s"u, 'wo -y/e wo 'z"u 'wo nu Izla/el"o -s/e 'g"u. 22'K/e/e =dh/e '"o Zoz/efu =yaa- ma =n/e, Akelais"o, '"o -k"e -glud"e El/cd"o gb"o 'ka bh"e, =ya k"e -glud"e 'ka "o d"e pin =taa Zude -s/e 'g"u, '"o 'su"o -ya -k"e -to Zude -s/e 'g"u =dhia. =Dh/e '"o -Zlan =yaa- =kpa/c, 'y"o dho Galile -s/e 'g"u =zian', 23'y"o -ya -a 'kwip"o do 'wo- -dh/e Nazal/et"e -a 'g"u. -Y"o -k"e 'dh"o k"o p"e '"o -Zlan -wodhi"olom/e -nu -wa p"o, -a 'dhi"o -yaan -m/c 'ku"e =n/e/e: |i-Wo -dho -a -dh/e Nazal/et"e mi.|d

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