Maak"o 2

1=Dh/e '"o -dh/ekpa/cyi 'd/ed/e =ya zi"o '"o Yesu -y"o nu 'z"u Kap/e/ena/cm"e -p"o 'g"u. '"O m/e -nu -wa ma =n/e -y"o 'k/c do 'g"u. 2'"O m/e -gbaa =va -wo dho k/c/c 'ma, '"o- -dh/e to zl"o"o k"o d/c -dh/e gb/e 'yaa 'k/c 'dhi"o plaan gb/c. '"O Yesu -y"o 'wunta/cs"e '"o go -Zlan 'pi"o bh"e -a =bl/e/e -an -dh"e. 3'Wo dho -dh/e -ga k"o m/e 'bhaa -nu =wa nu 'tinngm/e do '"o m/e -yiisi"e -wa bun -a 'ka. 4'K/e/e -a k"edh/e gb/e yaa k"e -an -g/c k"o -waan dho"e Yesu 'dhi"o k/c/c, m/e -gbaa -nu 'wo 'k/c 'dhi"o bh"e -an -wun 'g"u. =Dh/e -k"e 'dh"o -wo -da -a 'ka 'k/c tu"o '"o 'wo 'k/c =gba 'dhi bho Yesu 'tr"u"un 'ka -dh/e gia- -bha. '"O -dh/e 'dhi 'wo- bho bh"e, 'wo 'tinngm/e bh"e -a to "o -w/c -a -ta =s/e/e' -ta, 'wo- =y/c/c k/c/c 'ma Yesu 'dhi"o -dh/e gia- -bha. 5=Dh/e '"o Yesu =yaa- y"o =n/e -zo y"o -s"u -y"o -an -g/c =n/e y"o -m/c -a -bha k"o -ya -dh/e bo, 'y"o- p"o 'tinngm/e bh"e -a -dh"e: “Ma 'n"e, 'ma zi"o "u bha =s/c/cn yaa -wun -nu -ta.” 6T/cngg/cm/e -nu 'wo -k"e =yaannu =s"u"e' m"u, -zotadhe -y"o -k"e -an 'g"u =n/e/e: 7“-M"e '"o -k"e '"o g/c/cn- '"o =n/e '"o =da/cn p"o -Zlan -dh"e =n"edh"o =n/e/e? D"o '"o dho -m/c -a -bha k"o -yaan zi"o m/e -nu -bha =s/c/cn yaa -nu -ta, -a 'ke yaa k"e -Zlan dos/en 'kpaan 'ka /e?” 8Yesu -y"o -to -dh/e do bh"e -a 'g"u m"u '"o -an -bha -zotadhe d/c; =dh/e -k"e 'dh"o, '"o- p"o -an -dh"e: “-M"e -k"e '"o -zotadhe =suu'- '"o =n/e '"o -k"e ka 'g"u -i? 9-A -p"o 'tinngm/e -dh/e -s"u: ‘'Ma zi"o "u -bha =s/c/cn yaa -wun -nu -ta’ '"o 'gbee- -e, 'iin -a p"o -s"u 'z"u: ‘-Bh"o =luu'- '"u "u -bha =s/e/e' 's"u '"u 'ta 's"u’ y"o 'p"o '"o 'gbee- -e? 10'K/e/e a -dho 'sl"e 'bhaa k"e k"o 'kaan- -a d/ca =n/e -k/c -m/c 'wu"en- -s"u -y"o ma 'a M/egb"o 'ka n -g/c 'kpongtaa z"o k"o 'aan- zi"o m/e -nu -bha =s/c/cn yaa -nu -ta.” =Dh/e =ya k"e 'dh"o, '"o- p"o 'tinngm/e bh"e -a -dh"e: 11“A- -p"o "u -dh"e: -Bh"o =luu'- '"u "u bha =s/e/e' 's"u '"u 'dho "u -g/c k/c/c!” 12-Y"o -to m/e 'pl/e w"o 'dhi"o, -dh/e do bh"e -a 'g"u m"u '"o =luu 'y"o "o bha =s/e/e' s"u '"o dho. 'Wun '"o 'dh"o bh"e -y"o m/e 'pl/e 'te -tun, 'wo y"o -Zlan 't/c bh/c -s"u -bha -a p"o -s"u 'ka =n/e/e: “Yi"e"e p"e '"o- =suu'- 'dh"o =n/e -a y"o do!” 13Yesu -y"o -y/e "o 'z"u '"o nu Galile 'yipu"e =va 'pi"o =zian'. M/e -gbaa =va -wo -nu -a 'pi"o m"u 'y"o -an =daan -Zlan -wo 'ka. 14-A -bha zi"o -s"u 'ka, -y"o Alefe gb"o Levi -y"o k"o -y"o -ya -s"u 'ka 'nii- =s/cnng' -bho -a 'g"u -k/c 'g"u -a y"o. '"O Yesu -ya p"o -a -dh"e: “-Bh"o =luu'- '"u zi"o n 'pi"o!” '"O Levi -y"o =luu '"o -zi"o -a 'pi"o. 15=Dh/e -k"e 'p"o Yesu -y"o p"e -bh"o Levi -g/c k/c/c. 'Nii- =s/cnng' 'kun -m/e -nu -dh/e =va -dh/e 'iin m/e -nu '"o -an 't/c =ya =si"o'- -an k"ep"e yaa -wun -nu 'g"u waa- Yesu -bha =gu"e' -nu -wo -k"e p"e -bh"o -s"u 'g"u m"u 'p"o wo 'ko =bhaa, '"o t/c/c =suu'- yaa -m/e -nu 'wo -k"e -zi"o =dhia Yesu 'pi"o bh"e -an -gwaa -y"o -k"e =pl"e"ez"e. 16=Dh/e t/cngg/cm/e -nu 'wo -k"e Falizi -m/e -nu -bha m/e -nu 'ka, -wo Yesu -y"o k"o waa- m/e -nu '"o -an 't/c =ya =si"o'- -an k"ep"e -wun -nu 'g"u, waa- 'nii- =s/cnng' 'kun -m/e -nu, -wo p"e -bh"o -na wo 'ku"e-, '"o 'wo- -bha =gu"e' -nu =dh/e/e' kp/c -a p"o -s"u 'ka: “-M"e -k"e '"o ka -g/cm/e waa- 't/csi"om/e -nu 'wo p"e -bh"o wo 'ku"e- -/e?” 17=Dh/e '"o Yesu -y"o -an -wo ma, '"o- p"o -an -dh"e: “M/e -nu '"o 'yua 'yaa -an -bha 'waa 'dho =dh/cngtr/c 'pi"o. 'K/e/e m/e -nu '"o 'yua 'dh"o -an -bha =n/e '"o -an -bha -wun -y"o y"o =dh/cngtr/c -bha. N 'ka nu m/e -nu 'wo kpengdh"o -an dha =dhia, 'k/e/e m/e -nu '"o 'waa kpengdh"o 'a nu -an dha =dhia =zian'.” 18Yi do 'ka Zan -bha =gu"e' -nu waa- Falizi -m/e -nu -wo -k"e wo -b/en 'to =dhia, '"o m/e -nu -wo nu 'wo Yesu =dh/e/ekp/cdhe -k"e =n/e/e: “-M"e '"o -k"e '"o Zan waa- Falizi -m/e -nu -an -bha =gu"e' -nu -wo wo -b/en to '"o "u -bha =gu"e' -nu 'waa wo -b/en 'to 'p"o =n/e =/e?” 19'"O Yesu -ya -daa -k"e -an -g/c =n/e/e: “Ka ka -zo -ta =n/e, dhe 's"u -g/c/cn 'bham/e -nu -wo -dho wo -b/en to, -a -bha dhe 's"u 'wlaan- yi 'ka, 'k/e/e k"o -y"o =tun -an 'pi"o a? =Ii-, 'k/e/e -abi' i? -Abi'. 'T"ong waa- dhe 's"u -g/c/cn 'wo dho"e- k"e wo 'ko =bhaa bh"e, -wo -dho p"e -bh"o -kplawo, ('"o t/c/c -an =zu"o' 'glu dhi -s"u -m"u). 20'K/e/e yi do =ya d/c, dhe -g/cn =ya 'go -an 'pi"o, '"o- yi bh"e -a 'ka 'wo dho wo -b/en to"e ('"o t/c/c -wo -dho k"e 'yenaz"e). 21M/e gb/e 'yaa s/c 'klu -d"e"u -w/c s/c zii 'ka. =Ya k"e 'dh"o s/c 'klu -d"e"u -y"o -dho dho 'kou '"o- zii 'bl"e -pin -y"o -k"e 'z"u =va. 22'"O 'go m"u 'z"u m/e gb/e 'yaa y/c 'gbee- '"o 'vuu 'dh"o -da -na -a y"o =puu' zii 'g"u. =Ya k"e 'dh"o -y"o -dho =puu' bh"e -a w"u, '"o y/c waa- =puu' -an 'pl/e 'g"u -y"o =si"o. P"e 'wo- -k"e =zian' '"o t/c/c y/c 'gbee- y"o 'wo- wo =puu' -d"e"u 'g"u.” 23Zuif"o -nu -bha =glooyi do 'ka, Yesu waa- "o -bha =gu"e' -nu -wo -k"e zi"o =dhia 'blee- -bhl"o do 'g"u. '"O- -bha =gu"e' -nu -wo y"o -a -kpa -nu 'kan -s"u -bha zian -gbloo 'pi"o. 24=Dh/e '"o Falizi -m/e -nu -wo -an y"o, 'wo- p"o Yesu -dh"e: “-M"e '"o -k"e '"o p"e '"o kwa -bha t/cng -ya p"o k"o =kun 'kwa- -k"e =glooyi 'ka bh"e '"o "u -bha =gu"e' -nu -wa -k"e -/e?” 25'"O Yesu -ya -daa -k"e -an -g/c =n/e/e: “P"e '"o David"o -ya -k"e '"o -ya -s"u 'ka -Zlan -bha 's"e"edh/e 'g"u k"o din -y"o y"o gia- waa- "o -bha m/e -nu -an k"e -na bh"e kaa- p"o =a? 26-Y"o -k"e 'dh"o k"o Abiataa -y"o slabhom/e =va 'ka; '"o David"o -y"o -da -Zlan -gba -a 'g"u -k/c 'g"u '"o =bluu'- 'wo -Zlan gba -na -a 'ka bh"e '"o- -bh"o. 'K/e/e k"o kwa -bha t/cng -ya p"o slabhom/e -nu -de 'sloo =n/e 'wo dho =bluu'- '"o 'dh"o -a -bh"o, 'k/e/e David"o -ya -s"u '"o- -bh"o '"o- 'bhaa nu "o -bha yu"ok"em/e -nu -dh"e 'p"o, 'wo- -bh"o.” 27'"O Yesu -ya p"o -an -dh"e 'z"u =n/e/e: “-Zlan -y"o =glooyi -da m/e 'bhee- -nu -dh"e 'k/e/e yaa m/e 'bhee- -nu k"e =glooyi -dh"e. 28Ma 'a M/egb"o 'ka bh"e ma -de =n/e 'a p"e 'pl/e waa- =glooyi gia- '"o bh"e -an -g/cm/e 'ka 'z"u.”

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