Luk"o 23

1=Dh/e -k"e 'dh"o m/e -nu 'wo dho wo 'ko =bhaa bh"e -wo -luu 'wo dho Yesu 'ka Pilat"o 'dhi"o. 2=Dh/e 'wo -lo, 'wo y"o 'wun -d/c -a -bha -s"u -bha -a p"o -s"u 'ka =n/e/e: “G/c/cn- '"o =n/e, yi- -y"o k"o =ya kwaa- w/c -k/c 'pl/e bho zian; -ya -p"o m/e -nu -dh"e k"o =kun 'wo 'nii- =s/cnng' bho -glud"e Sezaa -dh"e 'iin 'go m"u -ya -p"o y"o gia- '"o t/c/c -Zlan -bha -Yam/e '"o -glud"e 'ka.” 3'"O Pilat"o -ya =dh/e/e' kp/c '"o- p"o: “Zuif"o -nu -bha -glud"e -m"u "u 'ka a?” '"O Yesu -ya -daa -k"e '"o- p"o: “=Ii-.” 4=Dh/e =ya k"e 'dh"o, Pilat"o -ya -p"o slabhom/e -nu -g/cm/e -nu waa- m/e gbung 'wo bh"e -an -dh"e: “M/ea-, 'wun yaa '"o m/e '"o =n/e dho -a k"e k"o -yaan k"e -a 'klo bh/c -g/en 'ka 'yaa 'dh"o!” 5'K/e/e -wo -y"o 'wun =bl/e/e' -s"u 'g"u -wo =faan' 'ka 'wo- p"o: “=Ya 's/eg"um/e -nu -bl"u d/c 'y"enng -s"u 'ka "o bha m/e =daan' -wo bh"e -a 'ka, -ya z"u -d/c Galile '"o b/c -a 'ka Zude 's/eg/c 'saadh"o 'g"u, "o =ga '"o =ya nu =ya =lo"e' z"o bh"e.” 6=Dh/e '"o Pilat"o =ya -an -wo ma, 'y"o -an =dh/e/e' kp/c '"o- p"o: “G/c/cn- =n/e Galile mi -m"u -a?” 7'"O =dh/e '"o =yaa- ma =n/e -y"o go 'pian '"o El/cd"o -ya =k/c/cn bh"e -a 'ka, '"o- b/c El/cd"o 'y"o -k"e Zeluzal/em"e 't"ong '"o 'dh"o bh"e -a 'ka bh"e -a -dh"e. 8El/cd"o =zu"o' 'glu -y"o -dhi k"o waa- Yesu -waan -kp"en wo 'ku"e-, bhii '"o t/c/c -y"o Yesu 't/c -ma '"o- -dh/e =ya =gl/c/c. -Ya -ya =zu"o' 'pi"o k"o -yaan -kp"en -a -bha, -y"o k"e 'dh"o k"o -yaan -dhidhaap"e do k"e "o 'yaan 'ka. 9'"O =dh/e/e' =pl"e"ez"e kp/c -a -g/c, 'k/e/e Yesu yaa- gb/e -daa k"e. 10Slabhom/e -g/cm/e -nu waa- Zuif"o -nu -bha t/cngg/cm/e -nu 'wo -k"e m"u, -wo -k"e 'wun d/c =dhia Yesu -bha 'gbee- 'ka. 11El/cd"o waa- "o bha 'dhasi -nu -wo 'yan =zi"o' =kaa', 'wo l"e- -kp/c -a -ta. =Dh/e '"o =wa s/c do 'gianz"e -s"e -da -a -bha, 'y"o 'wo- b/c Pilat"o -dh"e 'z"u. 12Yi gia- '"o bh"e -a 'ka, '"o El/cd"o waa- Pilat"o 'wo kaa 'bhaz"e 'ka, 'k/e/e 'dhi"o -bez"e, -si"odhe -k"e -an zi"en. 13Pilat"o -y"o slabhom/e -g/cm/e -nu, 'dhi"o -s"u m/e 'ka -m/e -nu, waa- 's/eg"um/e -nu -an 'pl/e =dh/c/c -k"e wo 'ko =bhaa, 14'y"o- p"o -an -dh"e: “G/c/cn- '"o =n/e ka- -kun 'ka nu"e n =dhia, '"o 'ka- p"o =n/e/e =ya 's/eg"um/e -nu bho zian -ta, 'k/e/e n d"e, -a =dh/e/e' 'a- -kp/c ka 'pl/e ka w"o 'dhi"o =n/e p"e yaa 'y"o dho -a k"e k"o -a -wun -yaan -lo -a tu"o 'maa- y"o -na. 15El/cd"o -de 'p"o yaa 'wun yaa gb/e y"o -a -bha. P"e -k"e 'y"o- b/c kwa -dh"e bh"e. K"o g/c/cn- '"o =n/e 'wun yaa gb/e '"o dho k"e -a 'kun -g/en -waan z"e 'yaa 'dh"o. 16=Dh/e '"o 'dh"o k"o -y"o -dho -ma -klaa 'ka k"o 'aan- n =kwaa'- -a -z"u.” 17(('T"ong bh"e -a 'ka, Paak"o -yi 'saadh"o 'ka, Pilat"o =dua' -m"u k"o -y"o m/e do bho -an -dh"e -kanso 'g"u.)) 18'Y"o -an 'pl/e -wo -gbla wo 'ku"e =n/e/e: “M/e '"o =n/e, -bh"o -a z"e '"u Balaba -z"e bho m"u =zian' yi -dh"e!” 19Balaba '"o bh"e -y"o -dho -kanso 'g"u d/c 'y"o- wo m/e -nu -g/c 'y"enng p"o- do 'g"u waa- m/e z"e 'y"o- wo bh"e -an -wun 'g"u. 20=Dh/e k"e =n/e Pilat"o -ya -k"e k"o 'y"o "o =kwaa' Yesu -z"u bh"e, 'y"o 'wun =bl/e/e 'z"u -d"e"uwo m/e gbung 'wo bh"e -an -dh"e. 21'K/e/e -an 'pl/e -wo -we -a 'pi"o 'gbla -s"u 'ka 'wo- p"o: “-Bh"o -a d/c -gaatal"u -bha! -Bh"o -a d/c -gaatal"u -bha!” 22'"O Pilat"o -ya p"o -an -dh"e -gwaa k"e -yaagaz"e =n/e/e: “P"e yaa -ml"e '"o- -k"e -/e? 'Wun yaa gb/e '"o dho k"e -a z"e -g/en 'ka, 'maa- y"o -na. A -dho -a k"e 'wo- -ma -klaa 'ka k"o 'aan- n =kwaa'- -z"u.” 23'K/e/e -wa -p"o -kplawo wo -wo 'gbee- 'ka =n/e Yesu -y"o d/c -gaatal"u -bha. '"O -an -wo -y"o dho '"o to -a -bha. 24'"O Pilat"o -y"o -we -a -bha -an -g/c k"o p"e 'wo- -dh/e 'yaan- -a nu -an -dh"e. 25'"O g/c/cn- '"o d/c 'y"enng 'go m"u 'y"o m/e z"e 'wo- 't/c p"o bh"e 'y"o "o =kwaa- -z"u, 'y"o Yesu d/c -an kw/e/e k"o p"e 'y"o -dhi -an -dh"e -waan kaa. 26=Dh/e 'wo 'dho -na Yesu 'ka, -wo -kp"en m/e do 'wo- -dh/e Sim/c '"o go Sil/en"e -a -bha k"o -y"o 'go -na =bhl"o"o-; 'wo- kun 'gbeetadh/e 'ka '"o Yesu -d/c -a -ta -l"u bh"e 'wo- nu -a -dh"e k"o -ya bun -a 'pi"o. 27M/e -gbaa =va -wo -zi"o -a 'pi"o, '"o dhoo -nu 'wo -k"e -an 'pi"o 'wo 'gbo b/c wo -de =maa 'ma -s"u 'ka Yesu -wun 'g"u. 28Yesu -y"o =dhi"e dhoo -nu bh"e -an 'pi"o, 'y"o- p"o -an -dh"e: “Zeluzal/em"e dhoo -nu, k"o =kun 'ka 'gbo b/c n -wun 'g"u! -Ka 'gbo b/c =zian' ka gia- waa- kaa- 'n"e -nu ka -wun 'g"u, 29bhii yi -nu -wo -dho nu, '"o 't"ong 'dh"o bh"e -a 'ka m/e -nu -dho"e p"o: ‘Dhoo -nu 'wo 'bh"u"odhe 'ka '"o waa 'n"e 'kp/c '"o waa 'y/cn -da 'n"e 'dhii -an 'glu -y"o dhi!’ 30-A yi '"o 'dh"o bh"e -a 'ka, m/e -nu -wo -dho -a p"o -t/cn -nu -dh"e: ‘-Ka -p"u"o yi -ta z"o!’ 'Wo- p"o 'z"u goo -nu -dh"e: ‘-Ka yi -ta -kpa!’ 31Bhii 'wun =suu'- =n/e -a k"e 'wo- wo -na 'l"u -saa 'ka =n/e k"o 'l"u 'kp/eaz"e, -m"e wo 'ka 'dho k"e -a 'ka /e?” 32-Wo -k"e 'dho =dhia g/c/cn- -nu =pl/e k"ep"eyaaz"e 'ka, 'wo -an kpa Yesu -bha k"o -waan -an z"e 'p"o. 33=Dh/e '"o =wa -lo -dh/e 'wo- -dh/e “m/e -g/c -kl"e"e” -a -bha, 'wo Yesu d/c -gaatal"u -bha, 'wo =taan -gban -a -k/c -nu waa- -a -g/en -nu -ta. -Wo k"ep"eyaam/e =pl/e 'wo bh"e -wo -an -d/c -gaatal"u -bha 'p"o, -a m/e do -y"o -k"e -a =kw/e/e- 'g"u, '"o- m/e do -y"o d/c -a =kwaa- 'g"u. 34'"O Yesu -ya p"o: “N D"e, -bh"o "u -zo bho -an -bha =s/c/cn yaa -nu 'pi"o, bhii p"e -nu 'wo- k"e -na bh"e 'waa- d/c wo -de -g/c.” 'Wo- -bha s/c -glu wo 'ku"e 't"o"u- -bh"o -s"u 'ka. 35M/e -nu -wo -k"e m"u -a -ga -s"u 'g"u, '"o Zuif"o -nu -g/cm/e -nu -wo y"o du"o 'luu -s"u -a -bha -s"u 'g"u, 'wo- p"o: “Y"o '"o m/e 'waa -nu dha =n/e, =ya k"e =n/e -Zlan -bha -Yam/e '"o- s"u y"o -m"u -a 'ka k"o -y"o "o -de dha 'p"o ee!” 36'Dhasi -nu -de 'p"o -wo du"o 'luu -s"u -a -bha, 'wo -dr/c/cn =gliis"u 'yi s"u 'wo =y/c/cn -a 'ka, -a 'dhi 's/c/c, 37'wo- p"o -a -dh"e: “'"O =ya k"e =n/e Zuif"o -nu -bha -glud"e -m"u "u 'ka, -bh"o "u -de dha 'kwa- -ga!” 38-A -g/c -ta dhu"o -gaatal"u -bha, p"e 'wo- =b/e/en '"o t/c/c: “M/e =n/e '"o t/c/c Zuif"o -nu -bha -glud"e”. 39K"ep"eyaam/e -nu 'wo -an d/c -gaatal"u -bha bh"e 'y"o- m/e do -y"o "o 'dhi s"u Yesu 'g"u '"o- p"o: “"U 'ka- p"o -Zlan -bha -Yam/e -m"u "u 'ka a? -Bh"o "u -de dha '"u yi dha 'p"o ee!” 40'Y"o- m/e do -y"o 'wun -bl/e/e "o 'bham/e bh"e -a 'ka 'y"o- p"o -a -dh"e: “Bhi '"o 'klobh/cdhe do bh"e '"u- 'g"u =n/e -a 'dh"o, 'su"o 'yaa "u k"e -Zlan -dh"e -a? 41Ko -bha 'ka, ko"e- 'klobh/cdhe -y"o ko -ma -kun, bhii '"o t/c/c p"e -nu 'ko- -k"e bh"e 'ko- =tru"en y"o -na bh"e; 'k/e/e y"o -z"e, yaa p"e yaa gb/e k"e.” 42=Dh/e =ya k"e 'dh"o, 'y"o- p"o Yesu -dh"e: “Yesu, "u -zo -y"o -b"u"o n 'ka 't"ong '"u 'dho"e- nu"e "u bha 't/cbh/cdhe 'g"u bh"e -a 'ka!” 43'"O Yesu -ya -daa -k"e -a -g/c '"o- p"o: “A- -p"o "u -dh"e 'wun gia- 'ka: -Dh/ekpa/cyi gia- '"o =d/e/e =n/e -a 'ka, '"u dho kaa n 'pi"o 't/e/epadh/e '"o -Zlan 'pi"o -a -bha.” 44=Dh/e '"o lan- =ya d/c 'dh"e"e zi"en, '"o- -bha 'bh"u -s"u -y"o =gbaannu, '"o -dh/e -y"o -tr"o 's/e -ta '"o dho '"o y"o"e 'w/c 'y/e -lan -bha; 'y"o -dun 'k/cdhi -bha -s/c '"o -k"e -Zlan -g/c k/c/c bh"e 'y"o -p/e zi"en. 46'"O Yesu -y"o -gbla -wo 'gbee- 'ka '"o- p"o: “N D"e, 'ma n nii -lo "u kw/e/e!” =Dh/e '"o =ya "o bo -wo '"o bh"e -a p"o -s"u 'ka, '"o- -bha 't"e -s"u -y"o =gbaannu. 47=Dh/e 'wun bh"e 'dhasi -g/cm/e =yaa- y"o, '"o y"o -Zlan 't/c 'saa -bl"u -s"u -bha '"o- p"o: “'Wun gia- 'ka, g/c/cn- '"o =n/e 'wun 'kpaan 'wo- d/c -a -bha!” 48'"O m/e -gbaa 'wo k"e m"u bh"e '"o 'wun -nu bh"e '"o -k"e -an 'yaan. =Dh/e 'go m"u, -wo -y/e wo 'z"u 'wo dho wo -g/c k/c/c wo -tong -ta -ma -s"u 'ka. 49Yesu 'bham/e -nu waa- dhoo -nu 'wo -k"e -a 'pi"o k"o -y"o Galile bh"e, -wo -d/c =gbiin '"o p"e -nu 'wo -k"e bh"e 'wo -an y"o. 50M/e do -y"o -k"e m"u, 'wo- -dh/e Zoz/efu 'y"o go Zuif"o -p"o do 'wo- -dh/e Alimate -a 'g"u. M/e '"o bh"e -y"o -k"e m/e k"ewuns"e"ez"e '"o kpengdh"o -a 'ka '"o d/c m/e '"o -Zlan -ya -ya M/edham/e 'ka, -a -bha nu -s"u -g/c. -Y"o -k"e zakanm/e -nu =vava bh"e -an m/e do 'ka, 'k/e/e -a -wo yaa k"e zakanm/e -nu 'wo 'dh"o -an -wo 'y"o kp/c 'wun '"o bh"e -a k"e -s"u -bha bh"e -an 'pi"o. 52'"O -zi"o '"o dho Pilat"o 'pi"o, '"o Yesu =gl"o"o -dh/e -a -g/c. 53=Dh/e =ya k"e 'dh"o, '"o Yesu =gl"o"o bho -gaatal"u -bha, '"o s/c do =ploo -a 'ka '"o- s"u 'y"o- -da -gu"o -du do '"o 'p/cn -s"u 'ka, '"o waa m/e =gl"o"o gb/e -da m"u do =kun -a 'g"u. 54-Y"o -k"e Zuif"o -nu -bha =glooyi -waamayi '"o -an -bha =glooyi z"ud/cyi 'ka bh"e -a 'ka. 55Dhoo -nu m/e 'wo go Galile -s/e 'g"u 'wo -zi"o Yesu 'pi"o bh"e, -wo -zi"o Zoz/efu 'pi"o, 'wo -dh/e -ga -glu '"o bh"e -a 'g"u, '"o -k/c '"o Yesu =gl"o"o -y"o =w/ca' bh"e 'wo- y"o. 56=Dh/e =ya k"e 'dh"o, 'wo nu wo =pl"o"o 'wo 'y/cn -nu, p"e 'yi 't"e"e -s"e"ez"e -nu -p"e -k"e k"o 'waan- -lo Yesu =gl"o"o -ta. '"O =glooyi 'ka 'wo wo 't/e/e pa =n/e -k/c '"o -an -bha t/cng 'dh"o -a 'ka -a 'dh"o.

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