Luk"o 21

1Yesu -y"o -dh/e -ga "o -z"u 'to, '"o- 'yan -y"o -da =bh/c/cm/e -nu 'wo wo -bha =gbaap"e -da -na -Zlan -gba -a 'g"u -p"e 'g"u, -Zlan -g/c k/c/c bh"e -an -ta. 2'"O- 'yan -y"o -da 'z"u =g/eandhe 'f/e/ez"e do 'bhaa -ta k"o -y"o 'w"e"u- 's/e/en- ga =pl/e -da -na -Zlan -gba -a 'g"u -p"e '"o bh"e -a 'g"u 'p"o. 3=Dh/e =ya k"e 'dh"o, '"o Yesu -ya p"o m/e -nu 'wo -k"e m"u bh"e -an -dh"e: “A- -p"o ka -dh"e 'wun gia- 'ka: Dheb/c 'f/e/ez"e '"o =n/e 'w"e"u- '"o- -da m"u bh"e, =y"o =va '"o =zi"e' m/e -nu 'wo to 'saadh"o -an -bha -ta. 4Bhii m/e -nu 'wo bh"e 'w"e"u- '"o- nu -s"u 'yaa 'm"e -an 'ka bh"e =n/e 'wo- -k"e gba/c 'ka; 'k/e/e y"o 'p"o, -a -bha 'f/e/edh/e 'g"u p"e '"o to -a -g/c -tosiadhe k"ep"e 'ka bh"e '"o- 'pl/e -nu bh"e.” 5M/e 'bhaa -nu -wo 'wun -bl/e/e -Zlan -bha 'k/c bh"e -a -bha 'wo- p"o: “-Gu"o -nu 'wo 'k/c d/ca =n/e =wo -s"e =dh/e/e! '"O p"e -nu 'wo- nu =gbaap"e 'ka 'wo- 'g"u bh"e, -wo -s"e 'p"o =dh/e/e!” 6'"O Yesu -ya p"o: “P"e -nu 'ka -an -ga -na bh"e, yi do -y"o nu -na, -gu"o gb/e yaa 'dho to "o 'ko -ta dhu"o m"u, -an 'pl/e -wo -dho -lo.” 7'Wo- p"o -a -dh"e: “P"e -nu 'wo 'dh"o bh"e -wo -dho k"e yi -ml"e 'ka /e? =Duak"ep"e -ml"e 'y"o dho p"e -nu 'wo bh"e -an yi -z/cn -/e?” 8'"O Yesu -ya p"o: “-Ka ka -zo k"e ka -de 'pi"o! K"o =kun 'ka ka =kwaa' ka -de -z"u 'wo ka -p"u"o! Bhii m/edh/evadh/e -wo -dho nu n 't/c 'g"u, 'wo- p"o: ‘Ma 'p"o, -Zlan -bha -Yam/e -m"u n 'ka! Ma nu 't"ong =ya -lo!’, 'k/e/e k"o =kun 'ka -zi"o -an 'pi"o! 9'Ka -glu g/cn -wun -nu 'iin -d/c 'ko -g/c 'y"enng -wun -nu ma, k"o =kun '"o 'si"o -y"o -kan ka 'gluu! P"e -nu 'wo 'dh"o -wo -dho k"e 'dhi"o -bl/e/ez"e, 'k/e/e yaa 'dho k"e 'kpongtaadh/e 'dhi"o 'to -s"u 'ka.” 10'Go m"u 'y"o- p"o 'z"u =n/e/e: “'S/eg/cg"um/e -nu -wo -dho 'ko z"e wo 'bha 's/eg/cg"um/e -nu 'ka, "o -glud"e dho -glu -da "o 'bha -glud"e -ta; 11's/e -bha =zluun -s"u 'gbee- -dho k"e -dh"o, '"o din -nu, -s"u 'ku"e- =yua' -nu dho nu 's/eg/c 'bhaa -nu 'g"u, 'si"o -kan m/e 'gluu -p"e waa- =duak"ep"e -wo -dho k"e dhang- 'g"u. 12'K/e/e -a k"e =yi"e' k"o p"e -nu 'wo 'dh"o bh"e -waan k"e, m/e -nu -wo -dho ka kun, 'wo p"e 'dhi"o- -nu k"e ka 'ka, 'wo ka d/c m/e -nu kw/e/e Zuif"o -nu -bha -bh/cku"ek/c -nu 'g"u, 'wo dho ka -zu"o -kanso 'g"u -waan za d/c ka -bha -glud"e -nu waa- 's/e =k/c/cnm/e -nu -an 'dhi"o n -wun 'g"u. 13-Y"o -dho k"e ka -bha b/cdh/e 'ka k"o 'kaan- k"e n =goo- -nu 'ka. 14-Ka ka -zo -gban k"o =kun 'ka d/c ka -de -wun =z/cnng' -ta za '"o d/c ka -bha bh"e, ka -bha =bl/e/e' -s"u -wun 'g"u, 15bhii =ya k"e =n/e m/e -nu =wa 'dho ka 'ka zakanm/e -nu 'dhi"o, ma gia-, a -dho -wo '"o 'kpaakpadh/e '"o ka yaag"um/e gb/e 'ka 'dho -m/c -a -bha 'iin -yaan d/c -a -g/c -a d/c ka 'dhii. 16Ka d"e -nu, ka dhe -nu, ka dheglu -nu, ka m/e -nu, ka 'bham/e -nu -de gia-, -wo -dho ka d/c m/e -nu kw/e/e, 'wo m/e 'bhaa -nu z"e ka 'g"u. 17M/e 'saadh"o -wo -dho ka -san z"e n -wun 'g"u, 18'k/e/e ka tu"o -wun ga do 'ka 'dho =dh/cng. 19-Ka ka 'g"u d/c 'gbee-, 'ka- k"e 'dh"o, 'ka dho ka -bha =to"ep"o -k"e -a 'g"u -s"u y"o.” 20'"O- p"o: “Yi 'ka dho Zeluzal/em"e -dh/e y"o"e k"o -glug/cnm/e -nu =wa =ni"e' -a -z"u bh"e, -kaa d/ca =n/e -a 'g"u =si"o'- -yi =ya y"o =kl"o"o'. 21=Ya k"e 'dh"o m/e -nu 'wo Zude -wo -dho =du"e, -wo 'dho -t/cn -nu 'pi"o =zian'; m/e -nu 'wo dho k"e Zeluzal/em"e pl"o"odh/e -bha, -wo -dho go wo pin -bha; m/e -nu 'wo dho k"e zian -gbloo -nu 'pi"o, k"o =kun 'wo -da pl"o"o, 22bhii -y"o -dho k"e 'klobh/cdhe -yi 'ka. -Y"o k"e 'dh"o, k"o p"e -nu 'wo =b/e/en' -s"u 'ka -Zlan -bha 's"e"edh/e 'g"u -an 'dhi"o -nu -waan -m/c 'ku"e. 23-M"e 'yena -wun '"o dho k"e yi '"o 'dh"o bh"e -a 'ka, dhoo -nu 'wo 'guz"e waa- dhoo -nu 'wo 'b"e"e- 'ka -an -bha 'ka -oo! Bhii =zu"o' -da 'yenag"udhe =va -y"o -dho k"e 's/e '"o =n/e -a 'g"u, '"o 'wun -y"o na -Zlan -zu"e -a 'g"u -m/e -nu bu"endh"o. 24-Wo -dho -an z"e -blaan 'ka, 'wo -an kun 'gan 'ka, 'wo dho -an 'ka 's/eg/c 'g"u -dh/e 'saadh"o -bha, '"o m/e -nu 'waa -Zlan -bha m/e -nu 'ka 'wo dho Zeluzal/em"e -p"o =si"o' -yaan 'dho -yaan y"o"e 't"ong '"o -Zlan -ya nu -an -dh"e bh"e -a y"en -yi -bha.” 25'"O- p"o: “=Duak"ep"e -nu -dho k"e lan- 'g"u, 'y"o -k"e 'su 'g"u, 'y"o -k"e 'susongga -nu 'g"u; '"o sia- z"o, 'kpongtaam/e -nu =zu"o' dho -da =wabh"odhe 'g"u, '"o 'su"o =va dho -da m/e -nu 'g"u, 'yoo -drinng 'gbee- -bha d/c -s"u waa- 'yoo kp"o -bha -ma -s"u -wun 'g"u. 26M/e -nu -dho ga 'su"o -dh"e, -zo -ta -a 'g"u -p"e '"o dho k"e 'kpongtaa z"o bh"e -a -wun 'g"u, bhii 'piigbeedh/e -nu 'wo dhang- 'g"u -wo -dho =zluun. 27=Ya k"e 'dh"o -wo -dho ma 'a M/egb"o 'ka n y"o k"o a nu -na dha kp"o -ta 'piigbeedh/e waa- 't/cbh/cdhe =va 'ka. 28'T"ong '"o p"e -nu 'wo bh"e 'wo dho kaa, -ka ka -zo -gban 'ka ka -g/c -nu =luu'-, bhii k"o ka -bha -go 'gan 'g"u -s"u =ya y"o =kl"o"o'.” 29Yesu -y"o 'wun =zuan' do -z/cn -an -dh"e '"o- p"o: “-Ka fig"o -l"u waa- 'l"u m/e -nu 'wo to -an -ga! 30'Ka -an 'dh/e -d"e"u -nu y"o, k"o =ya k"e ka 'yaan =n/e =kp/c/c =ya y"o =kl"o"o'. 31-K/c do bh"e -a 'ka p"e -nu 'wo bh"e 'ka -an y"o, -kaa d/ca =n/e -Zlan -bha -glud"edh/e -bha nu -s"u =ya y"o =kl"o"o'. 32A- -bl/e/e ka -dh"e 'wun gia- 'ka: P"e -nu 'wo 'dh"o -wo -dho k"e k"o m/e -nu 'wo 't"ong =n/e -a 'g"u =n/e -an 'pl/e waa ga =kun. 33Dhang- waa- 's/e -wo -dho zi"o, 'k/e/e n -wo 'ka 'dho zi"o 'gb/e/edh"o.” 34'"O- p"o: “-Ka ka -zo k"e ka -de 'pi"o! K"o =kun '"o 'ka ka -de 'b/cn -kan -bh"op"e =vava -bh"o -s"u -nu, y/c 'yi =vava m"u -s"u -nu waa- -zo -ta 'kpongtaap"e -wun 'g"u -s"u -an =kwaa', 'yaa 'dh"o n nu -yi -dho -wo ka tii 'ka. 35Bhii -y"o -dho -lo ka -ta =n/e 'kpl"o 'dh"o 'kpongtaam/e 'pl/e -ta. 36-Ka -ya ka 'yaan, -ka =bh/ea'- 't"ong 'saadh"o -a 'ka, k"o ka 'g"u -yaan k"e 'gbee- 'kaan- dha p"e -nu 'wo 'dho"e- nu 't"o"udh"o bh"e -an -g/c, 'iin 'kaan- d/c ka -g/ean ma 'a M/egb"o 'ka n 'dhi"o.” 37=Dh/e =ya k"e 'dh"o yi 'saadh"o 'ka, Yesu -y"o m/e -nu -daan -Zlan -gba -a 'g"u -k/c 'g"u; 'y"o 'bin =ya 'm"e, 'y"o dho Olivie -t/cn tu"o -w/c 'ma =dhia. 38'"O -dhiadhi"o '"o m/e -nu -wo -so 'wo nu -Zlan -gba -a 'g"u -k/c 'g"u -waan wo 'to 'to -a -wo -bha.

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