Luk"o 20

1-Dh/ekpa/cyi do 'ka Yesu -y"o -k"e m/e -nu =daan' =dhia -Zlan -g/c k/c/c 'wunta/cs"e =bl/e/e' -s"u 'g"u. 'Y"o slabhom/e -nu -g/cm/e -nu, Zuif"o -nu -bha t/cngg/cm/e -nu waa- m/e ziizii -nu -wo -nu, 2'wo- p"o -a -dh"e: “P"e -nu '"u- k"e -na =n/e, d"o '"o- p"o "u -dh"e '"u- k"e =/e?” 3'"O Yesu -ya -daa -k"e -an -g/c '"o- p"o: “Ma -de 'p"o, a -dho =dh/e/e' do kp/c ka -g/c: 4D"o '"o Zan b/c k"o -yaan m/e b/c yi"o =e? -Zlan -m"u -i, 'iin m/e -nu -m"u -i?” 5'K/e/e -wo -y"o 'wun =bl/e/e' -s"u 'g"u wo 'ko -dh"e 'wo- p"o: “'Kwa- -daa k"e =sia =n/e -Zlan 'y"o- b/c, -y"o -dho"e p"o kwa -dh"e -m"e -k"e kwaa- -wo -dh/e 'wun gia- -/e? 6'Iin 'kwa- p"o =sia 'z"u =n/e m/e -nu 'wo- b/c, m/e -nu 't"o"udh"o -wo -dho kwa -zu"o -gu"o 'ka 'wo kwa zaa, bhii '"o t/c/c m/e 'pl/e -wo Zan -ya 'ti -k"e -Zlan -wodhi"olom/e 'ka.” 7=Dh/e =ya k"e 'dh"o, 'wo- p"o: “M/e '"o- b/c k"o -yaan m/e b/c yi"o bh"e 'yi"e"e- d/c.” 8'"O Yesu -ya p"o -an -dh"e: “=Dh/e '"o 'dh"o bh"e k"o ma -de 'p"o, m/e '"o- p"o n -dh"e 'a p"e -nu 'wo =n/e -an k"e bh"e, n 'ka 'dho -a 't/c p"o ka -dh"e 'p"o.” 9=Dh/e =ya k"e 'dh"o, Yesu -y"o 'wun -bl/e/e m/e -nu -dh"e 'wun =zuan' 'ka '"o -p"o: “G/c/cnd"e do -y"o "o bha l/ez/en =dh/e/edh/e -k"e, '"o- -lo l/ez/en =dh/e/edh/e yu"ok"em/e -nu kw/e/e, '"o- to '"o dho 'ta 'g"u -gl/c/c 'ma -dhiadh"o. 10=Dh/e '"o l/ez/en bho -yi =ya -lo, 'y"o "o bha yu"ok"em/e do b/c l/ez/en =dh/e/edh/e yu"ok"em/e -nu -dh"e k"o -waan "o -bha -kpa b/c "o -dh"e. 'K/e/e l/ez/en =dh/e/edh/e -yu"ok"em/e -nu -wa -kun 'wo- -ma 'wo- -y/e 'z"u "o -k/c 'kpaan 'ka. 11'"O l/ez/en =dh/e/edh/e d"em/e -y"o "o bha yu"ok"em/e do b/c 'z"u, '"o l/ez/en =dh/e/edh/e -yu"ok"em/e -nu -wa kun, 'wo- -ma, 'wo 'si -nu bho -a -g/c, 'wo- -y/e 'z"u "o -k/c 'kpaan 'ka 'p"o. 12'Y"o "o -bha yu"ok"em/e -gwaa k"e -yaaga -naa b/c; -a m/e bh"e -wa -gi 'wo- bho l/ez/en =dh/e/edh"o, 'wo- -zu"o zian gb/e 'ka. 13'"O l/ez/en =dh/e/edh/e d"em/e -ya p"o: ‘-M"e 'a dho -a k"e =o? D/c, 'a n gb"o -dh/ckaas"uz"e =du"o =n/e -a b/c, -y"o -k"e y"o -z"e -wo -dho l"e- -k"e -a -g/c.’ 14'K/e/e =dh/e '"o yu"o -k"e l/ez/en =dh/e/edh"o -m/e -nu =waa- y"o, 'wo- p"o wo 'ko -nu -dh"e: ‘M/e '"o p"e -nu 'wo =n/e 'wo dho to -a -g/c 'dhi"o =zian' "o =ga '"o =n/e! -Kwaa z"e k"o l/ez/en =dh/e/edh/e '"o =n/e -yaan 'to kwa -g/c!’ 15'"O 'wo- kun, 'wo- bho l/ez/en =dh/e/edh"o 'wo- z"e.” '"O Yesu -y"o -an =dh/e/e' kp/c '"o- p"o: “=Ya k"e 'dh"o, l/ez/en =dh/e/edh/e d"em/e =ya nu, -m"e 'y"o dho -a k"e =/e? 16A- -p"o ka -dh"e: P"e '"o dho -a k"e '"o t/c/c -y"o -dho nu '"o l/ez/en =dh/e/edh/e -yu"ok"em/e -nu 'wo bh"e 'y"o -an z"e, 'y"o l/ez/en =dh/e/edh/e bh"e 'y"o- nu m/e 'waa gb/e -nu -dh"e.” =Dh/e '"o m/e -nu =waa- -wo '"o bh"e -a ma 'wo- p"o: “'Wun m/e '"o =suu'- 'dh"o bh"e k"o =kun '"o- -k"e!” 17'K/e/e Yesu -y"o -an -ga -piindh"o '"o- p"o -an -dh"e: “=Dh/e '"o -k"e 'dh"o, -m"e -k"e '"o -Zlan -bha 's"e"edh/e =b/e/en' -wo -ya p"o: |i-Gu"o '"o 'k/cd/cm/e -nu -wa =zong 'dhi"o -be bh"e, y"o gia- bh"e '"o -k"e 'k/c ku"ennu -gu"o 'ka zl"o"o|d bh"e =/e?” 18'"O Yesu -y"o =y/c/cn "o -wo -ta '"o- p"o: “M/e 'oo m/e '"o 'dho"e- -p"u"o -gu"o '"o bh"e -a -ta, -y"o -dho "o -de y/e, '"o m/e 'oo m/e '"o -gu"o bh"e =ya -p"u"o -a -ta, -y"o -dho -a =w"u"u'-.” 19Zuif"o -nu -bha t/cngg/cm/e -nu waa- slabhom/e -g/cm/e -nu -wa k"edh/e -m/e/e k"o 'waan- Yesu 'kundh/e gia- bh"e -a 'g"u, bhii '"o t/c/c wo gia- -wa =d/ca' =n/e 'wun =zuan' '"o Yesu -ya -k"e bh"e -"o -gban l/ez/en =dh/e/edh/e waa- "o d"em/e -nu -an -bha bh"e, -y"o -gban wo gia- wo -bha, 'k/e/e 'su"o -y"o -an -k"e 's/eg"um/e -nu -dh"e. 20'Y"o 'wo y"o na/c -k"e Yesu -bha -s"u 'g"u; 'wo m/e -nu b/c k"o -waan na/c k"e -a -bha. M/e -nu 'wo bh"e -wo wo -de -k"e m/e -nu k"ewuns"e"ez"e 'ka k"o 'waan- 'sl"e 'kan -a -g/c =dh/e/e' -nu -kp/c -a -g/c -s"u 'ka. Bhii p"e 'y"o dho k"e -a -b/c -a -ta 'ka k"o 'waan- -a d/c 's/e =k/c/cnm/e kw/e/e bh"e =n/e 'wo- =m/e/e'. 21'"O 'wo =dh/e/e' kp/c Yesu -g/c 'wo- p"o: “Yi -G/cm/e, yi- =d/ca' =n/e 'wun -nu '"u- =bl/e/e' -na bh"e o, 'iin "u -bha m/e =daan' -wo bh"e o, -an 'pl/e -wo kpengdh"o; '"o 'bhaa m/e -nu z"e 'g"u k"e, 'k/e/e "u m/e -daan 'ko 'tr"u"un 'pi"o 'wun giagia '"o -Zlan -bha zian -ta -a 'ka. 22Kwa -bha t/cng -ya -p"o 'kwa 'nii- =s/cnng' bho -glud"e Sezaa -dh"e e, 'iin k"o =kun 'kwa- bho -a -dh"e e?” 23'K/e/e Yesu -y"o -an -bha 'sl"ekanwo bh"e -a =t/ei' -d/c; 'y"o- p"o -an -dh"e: 24“-Ka d"onie ga do -z/cn n -dh"e! D"o '"o- 't/c waa- -a -g/c 'bin 'dho -ya -s"u 'ka -a -ta =n/e/e?” '"O 'wo- p"o: “Sezaa -m"u.” 25=Dh/e =ya k"e 'dh"o, '"o Yesu -ya p"o -an -dh"e: “=Dh/e '"o 'dh"o, p"e '"o Sezaa -bha 'ka, -kaa bho -a -dh"e; 'ka p"e '"o -Zlan -bha 'ka, 'ka- bho -Zlan -dh"e 'p"o!” 26Waa- 'kundh/e y"o gb/c "o -wo -ta 'wun 'y"o- =bl/e/e m/e -nu w"o 'dhi"o bh"e -a -wun 'g"u, 'k/e/e p"e '"o -k"e =zian' '"o t/c/c -an 'te 'y"o tun 'wun -daa k"e -k/c =suu'- '"o Yesu -ya -k"e bh"e -a -wun 'g"u; '"o -dh/e -y"o ga -an -ta diindh"o. 27Saduse -m/e 'bhaa -nu -wo -nu Yesu 'pi"o; wo =n/e 'wo- p"o m/e =ya ga "o 'ka 'dho go ga 'g"u gb/c bh"e, '"o 'wo y"o -a =dh/e/e' 'kp/c -s"u -bha 28'wo- p"o: “Yi -G/cm/e, t/cng '"o Moiz"o -ya nu yi -dh"e '"o =b/e/en' -s"u 'ka '"o =n/e/e: |i=Ya k"e =n/e g/c/cn- do '"o- dhe 'dho -a -g/c =ya k"e -dh"o, -a dheglu 'n"e g/c/cn- =ya k"e -dh"o; waa- "o b/c/c waa 'n"e 'kp/c gb/c, =ya 'to 'dh"o =ya ga k"o -a b/c/c =g/eandhe bh"e -y"o -dho to -a dheglu 'pi"o, '"o 'wo 'n"e kp/c -a pin =taa.|d 29'K/e/e k"o 't"ong do 'ka bh"e, dhegluz"e 'slapl/e -wo -k"e -dh"o; '"o- m/e -bl/e/ez"e -y"o dhe s"u, '"o waa 'n"e gb/e 'kp/c '"o ga. 30'"O- b/c/c =g/eandhe -y"o to -a m/e k"e =pl/e -naa bh"e -a 'pi"o, 31'"o to -a m/e k"e -yaaga -naa 'pi"o 'p"o. -K/c do bh"e -a 'ka '"o -dh/e 'wo- -bha 'slapl/e 'wo- -k"e -a 'ka, '"o waa 'n"e gb/e 'kp/c, '"o -an 'pl/e -wo ga. 32'"O dheb/c -de 'p"o 'y"o ga. 33=Ya k"e 'dh"o, yi '"o gam/e -nu dho go -a 'ka ga 'g"u, -a d"o 'y"o dho k"e -a =g/cn 'ka kpinngdh"o =e? Bhii '"o t/c/c -dh/e '"o 'wo- -bha 'slapl/e -wo -k"e -a =g/cn 'ka!” 34'"O Yesu -ya -daa -k"e -an -g/c '"o- p"o: “G/c/cn- -nu, dhoo -nu -wo 'kpongtaa z"o -wo wo 'ko -s"u, 35'k/e/e g/c/cn- -nu, dhoo -nu, m/e '"o -an -ma =kun k"o -waan 'go ga 'g"u k"o -waan -k"e -a 'g"u -s"u m/e '"o zl"o"o =to"ep"o 'ka -a y"o bh"e, waa 'dho wo 'ko s"u, 36wo 'ka 'dho ga gb/c, bhii k"o waa- -Zlan -bha b/cm/e -nu -an =suu'- =ya k"e do; k"o =wa k"e -Zlan -bha 'n"e -nu 'ka, bhii '"o t/c/c =wa 'go ga 'g"u. 37'Go m"u 'z"u Moiz"o -ya -z/cn 'wun gia- 'ka =n/e gam/e -nu -wo -dho go ga 'g"u, bhii p"e '"o =b/e/en' -s"u 'ka -a -bha 's"e"edh/e 'g"u, 'wun '"o -gban 'ginngkp/c/c -bha, '"o t/c/c -y"o kwa D"em/e -dh/e Ablaam"o -bha -Zlan, Izaak"o -bha -Zlan waa- Zak/cb"o -bha -Zlan. 38K"o -kaa d/ca =n/e -Zlan -y"o m/e 'bhee- -nu -bha -Zlan 'ka, 'yaa gam/e -nu -bha -Zlan 'ka, bhii m/e 'wo 'bhee- bh"e -wo 'bhee- 'dh"o -a -bha 'ka.” 39'Y"o Zuif"o -nu -bha t/cngg/cm/e -nu m/e 'bhaa -nu -wa p"o: “"U- -bl/e/e -s"e, yi -G/cm/e!” 40Bhii '"o t/c/c =dh/e/e' gb/e 'kp/c -dh/c yaa -an k"e -a -g/c zl"o"o gb/c. 41'"O Yesu -ya p"o -an -dh"e: “-Y"o -k/ckl"e 'wo- p"o -Zlan -bha -Yam/e 'p"o -y"o -go David"o =suu'- -ta 'g"u i? 42'K/e/e k"o David"o gia- -ya -p"o 'Tan 's"e"edh/e 'g"u =n/e/e: |iN D"em/e (-Zlan) -ya -p"o n D"em/e -dh"e: -Bh"o -ya -yadh/e =bhl"ez"e 'g"u =zian'|d 43|i-y"o 'dho -"o y"o"e yi 'a dho "u yaag"um/e -nu kaa "u -g/en -ta -a -ta dhu"o -p"e 'ka -a -bha.|d 44=Dh/e David"o gia- -ya -dh/e "o D"em/e, -y"o -k/ckl"e '"o -Zlan -bha -Yam/e -y"o -go -a =suu'- -ta 'g"u 'z"u i?” 45M/e gbung 'wo -k"e m"u bh"e -an 'pl/e 'to -ya -wo -bha. 'Y"o Yesu -ya p"o "o bha =gu"e' -nu -dh"e: 46“-Ka ka -zo k"e ka -de 'pi"o Zuif"o -nu -bha t/cngg/cm/e -nu 'wo- -dh/c k"e -na =ni"e gblang =gbiin -nu 'ka -s"u 'ka, '"o 'wo- 'pi"o k"o -wo -m/e/e -nu k"e wo 'ka =bhl"e 'g"u 'dh"e"edh/e =vava -nu -bha, '"o 'wo -ya -gbloo -s/e/eb/c -ta -an -g/c -bh/cku"ek/c -nu 'g"u, 'wo -yadh/e -s/e/eb/c s"u 'wlaan- -nu -ta; 47wo bh"e -wo =g/eandhoo -nu -bha p"e -nu '"o -an -g/c -a kun -an -g/c, '"o =wa 'go m"u 'wo =bh/ea =gbiin k"o 'waan- k"e m/e -nu k"ewuns"e"ez"e 'ka m/e -nu w"o 'dhi"o. Bhii -wo -dho 'klobh/cdhe =va -zi"og/c"us"uz"e y"o.”

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