Luk"o 17

1Yesu -ya -p"o "o bha =gu"e' -nu -dh"e: “P"e 'y"o dho k"e m/e 'bhee- -nu -da =s/c/cn yaa 'g"u -p"e 'ka, -y"o -dho k"e -kplawo, 'k/e/e 'yena -wun -y"o -dho k"e m/e '"o dho b/c -a -ta -a 'ka! 2=Y"o -s"e -a -bha 'ka k"o -wo -gu"okp"o =va do dun -a bh/c -bha, -wa -zu"o 'yoo =bhaa 'y"o =zi"e' ma m/e -nu 'wo =n/e -a m/e do -p"u"o 'wun yaa 'g"u -s"u -ta. 3-Ka ka -zo k"e ka -de 'pi"o -s"e 'ka! =Ya k"e =n/e "u dheglu =ya 'wun yaa k"e "u 'ka, -bh"o 'wun =bl/e/e'- -a -dh"e -s"e 'ka. '"O =ya k"e =n/e =ya 'g"en nu "u -dh"e, -bh"o zi"o -a -bha 'wun yaa -nu bh"e -an -ta. 4'"O =ya k"e =n/e =ya 'wun yaa k"e "u 'ka -gwaa 'slapl/ez"e -dh/ekpa/cyi do 'ka, '"o go m"u -gwaa 'slapl/ez"e =ya nu =yaa- p"o "u -dh"e: ‘"U bha 'g"en -m"u’, -bh"o zi"o -a -bha 'wun yaa -nu bh"e -an -ta!” 5'"O Yesu -bha b/cm/e -nu -wa p"o -a -dh"e: “-Bh"o yi -bha -zo -y"o -Zlan -bha -s"u =ta/c' k"e!” 6'"O D"em/e -ya -daa -k"e -an -g/c '"o- p"o: “'K"o k"e =n/e -zo -y"o -Zlan -bha -s"u p"e 'tee '"o -k"e =n/e mutaad"o ga 'dh"o =ya k"e ka -g/c, ka -dho -a p"o 'l"u =va '"o =n/e -a -dh"e: ‘'L"u =va d/c =n/e, -bh"o wo '"u 'dho '"u -gban 'yoo =bhaa!’, -y"o -dho k"e ka -wo 'ka.” 7'"O Yesu -ya p"o 'z"u =n/e/e: “=Ya k"e =n/e ka zi"en m/e do -bha yu"ok"em/e =ya k"e -dh"o, -y"o -k"e -dh/eyam/e 'ka o, 'iin -tu"emaak"em/e 'ka o, =ya k"e =n/e =ya 'go =bhl"o"o- =ya nu, -y"o -dho -m/c -a -bha 'y"o- p"o -a -dh"e: ‘-Bh"o nu 'si"osi"o '"u p"e -bh"o’ -a? 8'K/e/e -abi', -y"o -dho -a p"o -a -dh"e =zian' =n/e/e: ‘-Bh"o ma -bh"op"e -yu"o k"e '"u s/c gb/e 's"u '"u- -da '"u nu ma -bh"op"e 'ka! =Ya k"e =n/e 'ma p"e -bh"o, 'ma 'yi m"u 'ma y"en '"u"en- =tun p"e -bh"o -na 'p"o!’ 9Yaa 'dho yu"o '"o- nu "o bha yu"ok"em/e -dh"e '"o- k"e bh"e -a zu"o p"o -a -wun 'g"u, =sua -m"u -a? 10-K/c do bh"e '"o dho kaa ka -bha 'ka. =Ya k"e =n/e p"e 'wo- p"o 'ka- k"e bh"e, 'ka y"en -a -bha, -kaa p"o: ‘Yu"ok"em/e 'kpaan -m"u yi 'ka, p"e yi -bha k"o 'yi"en- -a k"e 'yi- -k"e bh"e.’ ” 11=Dh/e Yesu =ya -da zian -ta k"o -y"o 'dho"e- Zeluzal/em"e, -y"o -b/c Samali -s/e waa- Galile -s/e -an zi"en. 12-Y"o -k"e -da p"odh/e do 'g"u =dhia, '"o =weem/e 'g/c/c- do -wo d/c =gbiin 'wo- y"o, 13'wo y"o 'gbla -s"u 'g"u =n/e/e: “Yesu, yi -G/cm/e, -bh"o yi 'yena y"o =ee!” 14'"O Yesu -ya p"o -an -dh"e: “-Ka 'dho 'ka ka -de -z/cn slabhom/e -nu -dh"e!” =Dh/e 'wo 'dho -na, '"o -an 'pl/e -dh/e -y"o bo zian-. 15=Dh/e '"o- m/e do =yaa- y"o =n/e "o -dh/e =ya bo, 'y"o -y/e "o 'z"u '"o nu -Zlan zu"o p"o -s"u 'ka "o -wo -ta dhu"o 'gbee- 'ka, 16'y"o- -p"u"o Yesu =g/e/endh"o 'y"o -gbl"u 's/ei -a zu"o p"o -s"u 'ka. M/e '"o 'dh"o bh"e -y"o -k"e Samali mi 'ka. 17'"O Yesu -ya p"o m/e -nu 'wo -k"e m"u -an -dh"e: “M/e 'g/c/c- do 'wo bh"e -an 'pl/e -dh/e -y"o -bo -k/e, 'k/e/e -a m/e 's/eisi"e 'wo to bh"e, -wo m"e =/e? 18-A m/e gb/e -zo yaa -b"u"o giawo -yaan 'y/e "o 'z"u yaa nu -yaan -Zlan zu"o p"o -a 'ke yaa k"e -niag/c/cn '"o =n/e -a 'ka a?” 19=Dh/e =ya k"e 'dh"o, '"o Yesu -ya p"o -a -dh"e: “-Bh"o =luu'- '"u 'dho, "u -bha -zo -y"o n -ma -s"u =ya "u -dh/e bo!” 20Falizi -m/e -nu -wo Yesu =dh/e/e' -kp/c 'wo- p"o: “-Zlan -bha -glud"edh/e -y"o -dho nu yi -ml"e 'ka /e?” 'Y"o- p"o -an -dh"e: “-Zlan -bha -glud"edh/e -bha nu -s"u bh"e 'yan -d/c -a -bha -p"e 'yaa -m"u. 21Waa 'dho"e- p"o: ‘-Ka -dh/e -ga, -y"o z"o!’ 'iin ‘-y"o -dh/e '"o -de -a 'g"u!’, bhii -kaa =d/ca' =n/e -Zlan -bha -glud"edh/e -y"o ka zi"en.” 22=Dh/e =ya k"e 'dh"o, '"o Yesu -ya p"o "o bha =gu"e' -nu -dh"e: “Yi do -y"o nu -na '"o 'ka dho -a -dh/c k"e k"o ma 'a M/egb"o 'ka, 'ka ka 'yan d/c n -ma 'z"u -d"e"uwo, 'k/e/e ka 'ka 'dho n y"o. 23-Wo -dho -a p"o ka -dh"e: ‘-Ka -dh/e -ga, -y"o z"o!’ 'iin: ‘-ka -dh/e -ga, -y"o -de!’, 'k/e/e k"o =kun 'ka 'dho, k"o =kun 'ka zi"o -an 'pi"o! 24-K/c '"o dha 'dh"o 'yan bh/c -na -a 'ka, '"o- 'bh"u 'dho y"o -na dhang- -dh/e 'saadh"o 'g"u bh"e, -k/c do bh"e '"o ma 'a M/egb"o 'ka '"o n nu -s"u dho kaa. 25'K/e/e 'dhi"o =kun -y"o n -ma k"o n 'y"enng -y"o bh/c =va; m/e -nu 'wo =d/e/e =n/e -a 'g"u -wo -dho n -zu"o wo -k/c 'yan =taa. 26P"e '"o -k"e Noe -bha 't"ong 'ka bh"e, '"o dho k"e ma 'a M/egb"o 'ka n nu -yi 'ka 'p"o. 27M/e -nu -wo -k"e p"e -bh"o =dhia, m"up"e -nu m"u =dhia, dhe -nu 's"u =dhia, 'go m"u 'wo -k"e wo -bha 'n"edhoo -nu -d/c gwaan =dhia, '"o dho '"o y"o"e Noe -bha -da 'yitag/c =va 'g"u -yi -bha; '"o =dh/e 'yi pa -s"u =ya nu, '"o -an 'pl/e 'g"u -y"o =si"o. 28-Y"o -dho k"e 'z"u =n/e L/ct"o -bha 't"ong 'dh"o: M/e -nu -wo -k"e p"e -bh"o =dhia, 'yi m"u =dhia, p"e -nu 'dh/c =dhia, p"e -nu 'dh/c/c d/c =dhia, p"e -nu ta =dhia, 'iin 'k/c -nu d/c =dhia. 29'K/e/e yi '"o L/ct"o -y"o go -a 'ka Sod/cm"e, 'si"o waa- bl/c/cn -wo -go dhang- 'g"u 'wo -lo -an -ta =n/e dha -bha ban -s"u 'dh"o, '"o -an 'pl/e 'g"u- =si"o. 30-K/c do bh"e 'y"o dho kaa ma 'a M/egb"o 'ka, ma nu -yi 'ka 'p"o. 31-A yi 'dh"o bh"e -a 'ka, m/e '"o 'dho"e- k"e "o -g/c 'k/c tu"o, yaa 'dho =y/c/c'- -yaan 'dho k/c/c "o bha p"e -nu 's"u =dhia. -K/c do bh"e -a 'ka '"o m/e '"o 'dho"e- k"e "o -g/c =bhl"o"o- bh"e, yaa 'dho y/e "o 'z"u -yaan nu "o -g/c k/c/c. 32Ka -zo -y"o -b"u"o L/ct"o b/c/c -wun 'ka! 33M/e- 'pi"o k"o -y"o "o -de dha, y"o 'ka 'dho -m/c -a -bha; 'k/e/e m/e '"o dho"e "o =kwaa' "o -bha -tosiadhe -z"u, -y"o -dho -a y"o. 34'"O 'a- =bl/e/e ka -dh"e =n/e/e: -A gbeng '"o 'dh"o bh"e -a 'ka, m/e =pl/e -wo -dho k"e =s/e/e' do -ta, -a m/e do -y"o -dho s"u '"o- m/e do -y"o to. 35Dheb/c =pl/e -wo -dho k"e p"e z/cn -dhiadh"o, -a m/e do -y"o -dho s"u '"o- m/e do -y"o to. 36((G/c/cn- -nu =pl/e -wo -dho k"e =bhl"o"o-, -a m/e do -y"o -dho s"u, '"o- m/e do -y"o to.))” 37'"O- -bha =gu"e' -nu -wa p"o -a -dh"e: “Yi D"em/e, -dh/e -ml"e '"o p"e -nu 'wo =n/e 'wo dho k"e -a -bha -/e?” '"O- -daa -k"e -an -g/c '"o -p"o: “-Dh/e '"o p"e =gl"o"o 'dho"e- k"e -a -bha bh"e, '"o 'gbl"ubhaa -nu dho dho wo 'ku"e- -a -bha.”

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