K"eyu"o -nu 12

1'T"ong 'dh"o bh"e -a 'ka, 'y"o -glud"e El/cd"o -y"o Yesu -wun -dh/e 'wun gia- -m/e -nu m/e 'bhaa -nu 'klo bh/c -s"u z"u d/ca. 2'Y"o Zan dheglu Zak"o -g/c -kan. 3'Go m"u =dh/e '"o =yaa- y"o =n/e Zak"o z"e -s"u '"o bh"e -a -wun 'yi -y"o -kan Zuif"o -nu 'dhii, '"o Pi/e/e kun 'p"o. (-Y"o -k"e Zuif"o -nu -bha 'wlaan- '"o 'wo- -dh/e 'wlaan- 'wo =bluu'- '"o- =bh/e/ep"e 'yaa- 'pi"o 'wo- -bh"o -na bh"e -a 't"ong 'ka.) 4=Dh/e '"o =wa Pi/e/e 'kun, '"o El/cd"o =yaa- -da -kanso 'g"u, '"o 'dhasi 'g/c/c- do "o ga 'slado s"u '"o -an kp"o dan -yiisi"e -yiisi"e '"o 'wo wo 'ko -ta bho 'yan -to Pi/e/e -bha -s"u 'ka do do 'ka. Bhii El/cd"o -y"o -m/ca 'g"u k"o =ya k"e =n/e Paak"o 'wlaan- =ya zi"e k"o -yaan 'dho -a 'ka 's/eg"um/e -nu 'dhi"o k"o -wa z"e -s"u -za d/c -a -bha. 5'Dhasi -nu -wo -k"e wo 'yan -to Pi/e/e -bha =dhia, -kanso 'k/c/cdh"o, 'k/e/e 't"ong '"o bh"e -a 'ka, Yesu -wun -dh/e 'wun gia- -m/e -nu kp"o -wo -k"e -bh/ea -Zlan -dh"e =dhia =faan' 'ka Pi/e/e -wun 'g"u. 6Yi '"o El/cd"o dho dho"e Pi/e/e 'ka 's/eg"um/e -nu 'dhi"o bh"e -a gbeng -yi bh"e -a 'ka, Pi/e/e -y"o -k"e yi z"e =dhia 'dhasi -nu =pl/e zi"en. 'Dhasi -nu =pl/e 'wo bh"e, m/e '"o -dh"o '"o Pi/e/e -k/c do -klu "o -bha =y/c/cga 'ka, '"o- =bh"u"o' -klu "o =kw/e/e' dh"o 'p"o. 'Go m"u 'dhasi 'bhaa -nu -wo -k"e wo -d/c -dh/e -bha -kanso 'k/cdhi m/e '"o Pi/e/e -y"o -k"e -a 'g"u bh"e -a 'dhi"o. 7'"O to m"u, kwa D"em/e -bha b/cm/e do -y"o =gb"e"u, '"o -dh/epuudh/e -y"o bh"u, -kanso 'k/cdhi bh"e -a 'g"u. '"O -Zlan -bha b/cm/e -y"o pa Pi/e/e -bha -a gban -ta -ma -s"u 'ka '"o- p"o -a -dh"e: “-Bh"o =luu'- 'si"osi"o!” '"O to m"u, '"o =y/c/c' -nu -wo go -a -k/c -bha. 8'"O -Zlan -bha b/cm/e -ya p"o Pi/e/e -dh"e 'z"u: “-Bh"o "u -bha -du kwi d/c "u -bha s/c -ta, 'go m"u '"u "u -bha -sakpa y"o "u -g/en -bha!” '"O Pi/e/e -ya -k"e =n/e -k/c bh"e -a 'dh"o. '"O -Zlan -bha b/cm/e -ya p"o -a -dh"e 'z"u: “-Bh"o "u -bha gblang 's"u '"u- -da "u -bha '"u zi"o n 'pi"o!” 9'Y"o Pi/e/e -y"o -zi"o -Zlan -bha b/cm/e bh"e -a 'pi"o, 'wo go"e -kanso 'k/cdhi bh"e -a 'g"u; -ya -p"o -bez"e =n/e p"e -nu 'wo k"e -na 't"o"udh"o bh"e 'yanpi"op"e -m"u. 10'Wo -zi"o 'dhasi kp"o -bl/e/ez"e -ta, '"o 'wo dho 'wo zi"o -an m/e 'wo y"o -an 'pi"o -an -ta, 'wo dho 'wo y"o -pi"o kpong 'wo -kanso 'k/cdhi ta -na -a 'ka bh"e -a -bha k"o -waan y"o plaan. '"O kpong '"o bh"e '"o -po "o =de"e' -an w"o 'dhi"o, '"o 'wo y"o plaan. =Dh/e 'wo 'ta -na -kpinngga do 'pi"o, '"o -Zlan -bha b/cm/e -y"o to m"u 'y"o =dhong Pi/e/e -g/c. '"O Pi/e/e -y"o to "o -de 'sloo 'ka. 11=Dh/e =ya k"e 'dh"o, '"o Pi/e/e -ya 'wun d/c =n/e, p"e '"o -k"e bh"e 'yanpi"op"e 'yaa -m"u, 'k/e/e 'wun giagia -m"u, '"o- p"o: “'Ma- d/ca 'sabla giagia 'ka =n/e, n D"em/e 'y"o "o -bha b/cm/e b/c k"o -yaan n bho El/cd"o -bha -k/c -m/c 'wu"en- waa- 'wun yaa '"o Zuif"o -nu 'wo- 'pi"o k"o 'wo- k"e n 'ka bh"e -an kw/e/e.” 12=Dh/e '"o =ya "o -de -k"e -a 'g"u -k/c d/c '"o dho Zan 'wo- 't/c kp/c Maak"o 'ka bh"e -a dhe Mali -g/c k/c/c. M/e -nu -wo -k"e wo 'ko =bhaa m"u =va 'ka -bh/ea -Zlan -dh"e =dhia, -a -wun 'g"u. 13=Dh/e Pi/e/e =ya -lo, '"o kpong -ta -ma; '"o yu"ok"edhe do 'wo- -dh/e L/cd"o bh"e, 'y"o =y/c/cn kpong 's/c/c k"o 'yaan- =dh/e/e' 'kp/c =n/e d"o '"o kpong -ta -ma -/e? 14'"O Pi/e/e -wo d/c, '"o- -bha =zu"ogludhi 'g"u, k"o -y"o kpong 'po =zian' bh"e '"o -bla s"u '"o dho k/c/c '"o- p"o m/e -nu 'wo -k"e m"u -an -dh"e Pi/e/e -y"o 'k/cdhi -bha. 15'"O 'wo- p"o -a -dh"e: “'Bl/c/cn- '"o -da "u 'g"u a? Pi/e/e -y"o -kanso 'k/c/cdh"o, yaa -m/ca -bha k"o -y"o nu 'k/cdhi z"o!” 'Y"o- p"o -an -dh"e -y/c/cn "o -wo -ta -s"u 'ka =n/e Pi/e/e -y"o 'k/c 'dhi"o m"u. =Dh/e =ya k"e 'dh"o 'wo- p"o: “-Zlan -bha b/cm/e '"o b/c Pi/e/e 'pi"o -kplawo bh"e y"o -m"u.” 16=Dh/e k"e -na 'dh"o k"o Pi/e/e -y"o kpong -ta -ma -na -kplawo. =Dh/e '"o =wa kpong 'po zl"o"o, '"o -an 'yan -y"o -da -a -ta, '"o 'tetundhe =va -y"o -da -an 'g"u. 17'"O Pi/e/e -y"o "o -k/c -ta z"e -an -dh"e k"o -waan wo 'dhi y"o 'ku"e-. '"O -k/c '"o kwa D"em/e -ya bho"e -kanso 'k/c/cdh"o bh"e '"o- =bl/e/e -an -dh"e 'z"u k"o 'wun bh"e, -wa =bl/e/e'- Zak"o waa- Yesu -wun -dh/e 'wun gia- -m/e m/e -nu 'wo to -an -dh"e. =Dh/e =ya k"e 'dh"o, '"o Pi/e/e -y"o -zi"o '"o dho -dh/e gb/e 'g"u. 18=Dh/e '"o- -dh/e =ya 'po, 'su"o =va -y"o -da 'dhasi -nu 'wo -k"e wo 'yan -to Pi/e/e -bha =dhia, -kanso 'k/c/cdh"o bh"e -an 'g"u, 'wo y"o wo -de =dh/e/e' 'kp/c -s"u 'g"u =n/e Pi/e/e -y"o -b/c 'm"e '"o =du"e =/e? 19El/cd"o -y"o -ko 'z"u '"o Pi/e/e =m/e/e, 'k/e/e yaa- y"o. '"O 'dhasi -nu 'wo wo 'yan to -a -bha bh"e, '"o -an =dh/e/e' kp/c -a -wun 'ka. =Dh/e '"o -dh/e '"o Pi/e/e 'dh"o -a -bha waa- d/c kpinngdh"o, '"o- p"o 'dhasi gb/e -nu -dh"e -wo 'dhasi -nu 'wo bh"e -an z"e. =Dh/e =ya k"e 'dh"o, '"o El/cd"o go Zude -s/e 'g"u, '"o dho Sezale pl"o"o. -Dh/e bh"e -a 'g"u '"o 't"ong 'd/ed/e -k"e m"u. 20-Naadhe =va -y"o -k"e El/cd"o 'g"u, Tii -m/e -nu waa- Sid/cn -m/e -nu -an bu"endh"o. '"O m/e -nu 'wo bh"e 'wo wo -wo kp/c 'ku"e- do k"o 'waan- wo -de -z/cn El/cd"o 'dhi"o, '"o 'wo b/c -glud"e -bha 'yan -to -a -bha 'k/c -bha -m/e -nu -g/cm/e 'wo- -dh/e Blatus"o -a -ta, 'wo dho -glud"e El/cd"o 'pi"o, 'wo dhidhe -da wo -nu wo zi"en. Bhii '"o t/c/c -an -bha 's/eg"um/e -nu -bha -bh"op"e -y"o -go -glud"e kw/e/e. 21=Dh/e '"o yi '"o El/cd"o -ya kp/c bh"e =ya -lo, 'y"o "o -bha -glud"edh/e -s/c -da "o -bha, '"o dho '"o -ya "o -bha 'g/c -gbloo 'g"u, '"o y"o 'wun =bl/e/e' -s"u -bha m/e -nu 'pl/e w"o 'dhi"o m"u. 22'"O 's/eg"um/e -nu -wo -gbla 'gbee- 'ka =n/e/e: “M/e '"o 'wun =bl/e/e' -na bh"e, m/e 'bhee- 'yaa -m"u, -zlan do 'bhaa -m"u!” 23'K/e/e -dh/e do bh"e '"o to -a -bha '"o kwa D"em/e -bha b/cm/e do -ya -k"e '"o 'yua -y"o El/cd"o kun, '"o =bh"u"o' 'n"e -nu -wa -bh"o '"o ga. Bhii '"o t/c/c -y"o 't/cbh/cdhe -nu "o -de -dh"e, 'y"o "o -de s"u -Zlan 'ka. 24'"O m/edh/evadh/e -wo -Zlan -wo ma, '"o 'wo Yesu -wun -dh/e 'wun gia-, 'wo dho"e 'dhi"o. 25=Dh/e '"o Baanabas"o waa- S/cl"o =wa y"en 'wun -nu '"o 'wo -k"e -a 'pi"o k"o 'wo- k"e bh"e -a -y"o 'ko 'dhi"o k"e -s"u -bha Zeluzal/em"e, 'wo -y/e wo 'z"u 'wo dho Anti/cs"o. '"O Zan 'wo- 't/c kp/c Maak"o 'ka bh"e, 'wo- kpa wo -bha '"o wo -nu 'wo dho.

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