2 Timote 2

1(M/edh/evadh/e =wa 'kan n -ma; 'k/e/e) Timote, bhi '"u -k"e =n/e n gb"o 'dh"o "u -bha -zo -y"o Yesu Klito -bha -s"u 'g"u bh"e, -bh"o 'to -klu -s"u 'ka -a -bha k"o 'glus"e '"o- -k"e kwa 'ka bh"e -yaan "u gbaa =faan' 'ka! 2-Wo -nu '"u- ma n dhi"o m/e =pl"e"ez"e w"o 'dhi"o bh"e, -bh"o -a =bl/e/e'- m/e -nu 'wo -m/c -a -bha k"o -waan -a ku"ennu -s"e 'ka bh"e -an -dh"e k"o wo -de 'p"o -waan m/e -nu 'wo to -an =daan'-. 3-Bh"o 'we -a -bha 'p"o k"o "u 'klo -yaan bh/c =n/e Yesu Klito -bha 'dhasi k"ewuns"e"ez"e '"o =faan' 'dho"e- -g/c '"o =wa -bh"o -na -a 'dh"o! ('"O t/c/c m/e -nu '"o 'wo m/e =daan 'wunta/cs"e bh"e -a 'ka -s"e 'ka bh"e, -an 'klo -y"o -dho bh/c. -K/c do bh"e -a 'ka, -bh"o 'we -a -bha k"o kwaa- m/e -nu kwa 'klo -yaan bh/c kwa -bha m/e -daan 'wunta/cs"e 'ka -s"u -wun 'g"u.) 4-Bh"o k"e =n/e 'dhasi '"o- 'pi"o k"o "o -g/cm/e =zu"o' 'glu -y"o dhi "o 'pi"o -a 'dh"o! Bhii =ya k"e "o -g/cm/e 'pi"o, 'yaa "o -de -dhi -a -dh"e -wun k"e; 'k/e/e 'wun '"o- -g/cm/e -zo 'kun -wun 'ka =n/e '"o- -k"e. 5=G/c/cnm/e yaa 'dho -m/ca -bha -yaan 'to -a 'gbee- 'ka k"o yaa -g/cn t/cng 'kun. (-K/c do '"o bh"e '"o bhi -de 'p"o, '"u dho Yesu Klito -bha yu"o kaa =n/e -k/c '"o- p"o"e bh"e -a 'dh"o k"o '"u"en- -a =tru"en y"o!) 6'Go m"u 'z"u "u -bha yu"o k"e Yesu Klito -dh"e -s"u bh"e, -a =t/ei'- -k"e =n/e p"etam/e '"o yu"o -k"e 'gbee- '"o y"o -bl/e/ez"e '"o- =dua' 'dh"o -m"u k"o "o -bha tap"e -nu 'wo bh"e, -ya bh/e dan bh"e -a 'dh"o. 7'Wun -nu 'a- =bl/e/e bh"e, -bh"o "u -zo 'ta- 'g"u k"o '"u"en- -dh/e y"o -a 'g"u! '"O t/c/c kwa D"em/e -y"o -dho -a -ta po "u -dh"e k"o -yaan k"e "u -g/c 'p"e"ep"e. 8Yesu Klito '"o -k"e -glud"e David"o =suu'- -ta 'n"e 'ka bh"e, -bh"o "u -zo 'ta -a k"ewun -nu 'g"u! =Dh/e '"o ga -Zlan -ya -bho ga 'g"u. 'Wunta/cs"e 'a- =bl/e/e' -na m/e -nu -dh"e '"o bh"e. 9P"e '"o -k"e 'a =wa -bh"o -na =d/e/e '"o bh"e. -Wo n -da -d"e"uwo -kanso 'g"u z"o =n/e m/e m/ez"em/e -da -kanso 'g"u. 'K"o -k"e =n/e -wa -k"e 'dh"o 'dhee, ma 'wo n -zu"o k/c/c, waa -Zlan -wo -zu"o k/c/c; (-Zlan -wo =bl/e/e'- -m/e -nu 'bhaa -nu 'wo to, -wo m/e -nu =daan' -na -a 'ka -kplawo). 10P"e -k"e 'a -we -a -bha k"o 'a b/c 'wun 'gbee- =suu'- '"o =n/e -a 'g"u '"o bh"e. -Y"o k"e 'dh"o k"o m/e -nu '"o -Zlan -y"o -an s"u "o -bha 'ka bh"e, -waan dha 'p"o, -zo -y"o Yesu Klito -bha -s"u 'g"u k"o -wo k"e -a 'pi"o, -a -bha 't/cbh/cdhe -dh/e -bha =to"ep"o 'ka. 11(A -we -a -bha k"o 'a =wa -bh"o 'p"o, bhii '"o t/c/c) 'wun -nu 'wo =n/e 'wun gia- -m"u. =Ya k"e =n/e 'kwa kwa =kwaa'- kwa -bha -tosiadhe yaa -nu '"o 'kwa -k"e -an 'g"u 'dhi"o bh"e -an -z"u, -a =t/ei' -y"o -k"e =n/e -k/c '"o kwaa- Yesu -nu 'kwa ga -a -bha, kwa 'ko y"o"e -a 'dh"o. =Dh/e '"o -k"e 'dh"o bh"e kwaa- Yesu -nu kwa -dho kwaa- -tosiadhe k"e kwa 'ko =bhaa. 12=Ya k"e =n/e 'kwa 'we -a -bha k"o 'kwaan- =wa -bh"o =zu"osaadh/e 'ka, kwaa- Yesu -nu kwa -dho -glud"edh/e k"e. '"O =ya k"e =n/e 'z"u 'kwa- p"o 'kwaa- d/c, -y"o -dho -a p"o 'p"o 'yaa kwa d/c. 13=Ya k"e =n/e 'kwaa 'to kwa -wo 'g"u, y"o 'p"o -y"o -to "o -wo 'g"u, '"o p"e '"o- 't/c go m/e -nu -dh"e, '"o- -k"e, bhii '"o t/c/c -y"o -to "o -wo 'g"u -kplawo, p"e '"o- p"o -a k"e -s"u 'ka. 14'Wun -nu 'a- =bl/e/e bh"e, -bh"o m/e =daan' -m/e -nu -zo -b"u"o -an 'ka! -Bh"o"e p"o -an -dh"e -Zlan w"o 'dhi"o, "u -wo -y/c/cn -a -ta -s"u 'ka k"o =kun 'wo za/cdhe -k"e m/e -nu 'ka, 'wun '"o- -g/en 'yaa 'dh"o -a 'g"u! '"O t/c/c m/e =daan' -m/e -nu -wo 'dhinaa k"e -na, 'yaa p"e -s"e k"e m/e -nu 'wo to -an -g/c, 'k/e/e p"e =si"o'- '"o- wo -an -g/c. 15-Bh"o "u =faan' 'pl/e 's"u k"o '"u"en- k"e m/e =daan' -m/e '"o- -bha yu"o -y"o -Zlan -zo kun -a 'ka! -Bh"o k"e =n/e yu"ok"em/e, '"o l"e- 'yaa- k"e "o -bha yu"o -nu k"e -s"u 'g"u -a 'dh"o! "U -dho k"e m/e =suu'- '"o 'dh"o bh"e -a 'ka k"o '"u"en- m/e =daan'- kpengdh"o, -Zlan -wo giagia 'ka. 16M/e -nu 'wo -Zlan -wo yaa =bl/e/e' -na 'iin m/e -nu 'wo 'wun -nu '"o -an -g/c 'yaa 'dh"o 'wo -an =bl/e/e' -na bh"e, k"o =kun '"u =kaan -an 'ka! '"O t/c/c 'wun -nu 'wo bh"e m/e -nu 'wo- =bl/e/e' -na 'dh"o bh"e, -wo bh/c -na -Zlan -dh"e =taa' =gbiin -kplawo. 17'Go m"u 'z"u -an =bl/e/e'- -wun -y"o p"e yaa -k"e, m/e 'bhaa -nu -g/c 'p"o =n/e -k/c '"o bh"u"o 'dho 'kan -na -a 'ka m/e -nu -bha bh"e -a 'dh"o. M/e =suu'- -nu 'wo 'dh"o bh"e -an m/e 'bhaa -nu 'wo t/c/c Imene waa- Fil/et"o. 18-Wo m/e -daan =sua -wun -nu 'ka, -a -p"o -an -dh"e -s"u 'ka =n/e/e k"o =kun '"o 'wo -ya -Zlan -bha m/e -bho ga 'g"u -s"u 't"ong -g/c gb/c, bhii '"o t/c/c -Zlan =ya m/e bho ga 'g"u 'saadh"o. M/e -nu =daan' -k/c =suu'- '"o bh"e, m/e -nu 'wo- ma, -y"o -an -d/c -gb/cudh"o, '"o p"e 'wo dho wo -zo y"o -a -bha 'waa -a d/c. 19'K/e/e 'k"o -k"e =n/e p"e -nu 'wo bh"e -wo -dh"o 'dhee, -an -k/c yaa 'dho -m/c -a -bha k"o 'wunta/cs"e giagia '"o go -Zlan 'pi"o bh"e, -wa bho "o pin -ta. -Zlan -wo -y"o -k"e =n/e 'k/c 'kpan 'dh"o. -K/c do '"o bh"e -a 'ka 'p"o, m/e -daan =sua -wun 'ka -s"u '"o bh"e, yaa 'dho -m/ca -bha k"o -y"o -Zlan -wo bho 'gbloo. Bhii '"o t/c/c -Zlan -wo -gban -a -ta -p"e bh"e, p"e '"o -gban -s"u 'ka -a -bha '"o -ya -s"u 'ka -Zlan -bha 's"e"edh/e 'g"u '"o t/c/c: |iM/e -nu 'wo -Zlan -bha 'ka, -y"o -an -d/c.|d 'Go m"u 'z"u: |iM/e '"o- p"o "o -Zlan -bha 'ka, -y"o -dho "o =kwaa'- p"e yaa -nu k"e -s"u -z"u.|d 20=Na/cm/e -g/c k/c/c, 'tia- -nu 'wo -k"e 's"enng 'ka -wo m"u, '"o 'tia- -nu 'wo -k"e z"enng 'ka 'wo m"u. -A 'bhaa -nu -wo m"u 'wo -k"e 'l"u 'ka, '"o- 'bhaa -nu -wo -k"e gb/c 's/e kp"o 'ka. 'Tia- m/e -nu 'wo -k"e 's"enng -nu, z"enng -nu 'ka, -wo -an -s"u 'wlaan- -yi =vava -nu 'ka. '"O -an m/e -nu 'wo -k"e 'l"u -nu 'ka 'iin 's/e kp"o -nu 'ka, 'wo -an s"u 'wun -nu '"o -an -wun 'yaa 'gbee- =du"o -an -yu"o -k"e -a 'g"u -p"e 'ka. 21-K/c do bh"e -a 'ka, m/e '"o -kan p"e yaya -nu -bha, -y"o -dho k"e m/e '"o -Zlan dho -a s"u -yaan -a k"e p"e -wun 'gbeez"e -k"e -a 'ka -p"e 'ka =n/e -k/c '"o 'wo 'tia- -s"e =waannu"e -de -dh"e, '"o 'wo- s"u k"o -wo p"e 'giangian -nu =suu'- 'saadh"o k"e -a 'g"u bh"e -a 'dh"o. 22-A -wun 'g"u k"o =kun '"u p"e yaa '"o -dadh"e"u =pl"e"ez"e -nu 'dho -an k"e -na bh"e, '"u -an k"e! Bhi -z"e, "u -de nu p"e '"o kpengdh"o -a k"e -s"u -dh"e! 'Go m"u 'z"u, -bh"o 'dho "u 'dhi"o Yesu Klito -wun -dh/e 'wun gia- -s"u 'ka! -Zlan waa- m/e -nu -dh/c -y"o "u -k"e! M/e -nu '"o 'wo -Zlan =bhl"e -ya '"o -an 'ta 's"u -k/c 'dho kpengdh"o -Zlan w"o 'dhi"o, ka -nu -ka -tosiadhe k"e =zu"oyagluu 'ka ka 'ko =bhaa! 23=Kun -k"e '"u za/cdhe k"ewun -nu '"o -an -g/c 'yaa -dh"o -an =bl/e/e'- -m/e -nu 'pi"o! M/e -nu 'wo bh"e, 'waa 'wun -bho 'kou gb/e d/c. K"o =kun '"u- -k"e 'dh"o '"o t/c/c "u- =t/ei' =d/ca' =n/e m/e -nu 'wo- k"e -na 'dh"o bh"e, 'dhinaa =n/e '"o =ya k"e '"o -an 'dhi"o dho to -a -ta. 24'K/e/e k"o D"em/e -bha yu"ok"em/e =dua' 'yaa -m"u k"o -y"o 'dhinaa -nu k"e. P"e '"o dho -a k"e '"o t/c/c -a 'glu -dho k"e -s"e m/e 'bhee- =suu'- 'kp/ekp/e 'ka! -Y"o -dho k"e 'z"u, m/e =daan' -m/e '"o- -k/c -m/c -a -bha k"o -yaan m/e =daan' -s"e 'ka =zu"osaadh/e 'ka -a 'ka! 25K"o m/e -nu '"o 'wo za/cdhe -da -Zlan -bha m/e =daan' -wo 'ka bh"e k"o -yaan -an =d/c/c'- -wo 'p"e"ep"e 'ka. -Y"o m"u 'z"u -Zlan -y"o -dho -a k"e '"o 'wo wo -ta y"o wo -bha =s/c/cn yaa -bha '"o m/e =daan' -wo '"o bh"e, 'wo- -dh/e 'wun gia- '"o 'wo wo -zo y"o -a -bha 'z"u. 26=Ya k"e 'dh"o -an -k/c -y"o -dho -m/ca -bha k"o -dh/e -y"o 'wun 'g"u -s"u -yaan k"e -an -g/c k"o -waan 'go d"u -bha 'piigbeedh/e kw/e/e. D"u '"o bh"e =n/e '"o -an k"e "o -zo 'kun -wun -nu -k"e -an 'ka -p"e 'ka -be.

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