2 Kol/ent"o 7

1P"e 't/c 'go -wo -nu 'wo =n/e -an 'pl/e -wo kwa -bha p"e -s"e 'ka, n dhegluz"e -nu. =Dh/e -k"e 'dh"o, -kwa kwa -de k"e 'sl"o"osl"o p"e 'y"o dho kwa bun waa- kwa nii -an k"e -dhuuz"e -an -g/c, 'kwa kwa 'g"u d/c 'gbee- 'kwa -k"e 'sl"o"osl"o -s"u =m/e/e'- 'kwa dho"e 'dhi"o -kplawo k"o kwa 'ta 's"u -k/c -y"o -k"e -su"o -Zlan -dh"e -s"u 'g"u. 2-Ka ka =zu"o' 'dhi 'po yi -g/c! Bhii yi"e"e p"e yaa gb/e k"e m/e 'ka, yi"e"e m/e gb/e -bha 'wun -nu 'g"u =si"o'-; yi"e"e 'w"e"u- s"u m/e gb/e 'g"u. 3'Wun -nu 'wo =n/e n 'ka- =bl/e/e'- k"o 'aan- za -lo ka tu"o. '"O t/c/c 'ma- p"o 'saadh"o =n/e ka yi -bha m/e -nu -wungbeez"e -nu '"o -k"e =n/e dha -s"u -wun -nu -m"u oo, 'iin ga -s"u -wun -nu -m"u oo, '"o 'kwa dho to kwa 'ko 'pi"o -an 'ka. 4A n -zo -y"o ka -bha, '"o 'a 'g/cug/c ka =wu"en'; =faan' -y"o n -g/c, '"o n =zu"o' 'glu 'dho dhi -s"u 'ka -kplawo, 'k"o -k"e =n/e 'yena -wun -nu -wo -nu yi -ta 'dhee. 5Bhii =dh/e 'yi"e 'dho 'yi"e -lo Maseduan"e, yi"e"e yi 't/e/e pa. 'Wun -nu -wo yi -y"o -k/c 'saadh"o 'pl/e -ta; 'wun -nu -wo -da -na yi"e- m/e 'bhaa -nu yi zi"en k"o 'su"o -y"o -da -na yi =zu"o' 'g"u. 6'K/e/e -Zlan =ya k"e 'y"o =faan' nu -na m/e -nu '"o 'wun =ya -an kun 'iin '"o -an =zu"o' =ya 'to zl"o"o 'wun 'bhaa -nu 'g"u -an -dh"e bh"e -ya k"e '"o Tit"o -y"o nu yi 'pi"o '"o yi =faan' m"e. 7Yaa k"e =n/e -a -bha nu -s"u -wun do 'sloo =n/e '"o yi =faan' m"e; 'k/e/e -a =faan' 'm"e -k/c 'ka- =kaa' bh"e '"o nu '"o- -wun =bl/e/e 'n"o, '"o -k/c '"o 'ka -ya -s"u 'ka kwa -bha -kp"en 'ku"e- -s"u =wu"en', '"o 'ka 'gbo -nu b/c -na n -wun 'g"u 'iin 'wun -nu 'wo -gban n -ma -k"e -a 'g"u 'si"oz"e -s"u -nu '"o bh"e, 'ma n -zo 'ta -a 'g"u, -y"o n =zu"o' 'glu dhi giagiawo. 8-A -k"e 'dh"o -s"u 'ka, 'k"o -k"e =n/e 's"e"edh/e 'a- b/c ka -dh"e bh"e -y"o ka w"o -si"o -wun 'ka, d/c 'kwa- wo =n/e 'yaa n =zu"o' -to zl"o"o -wun 'ka gb/c. -Y"o -k"e n =zu"o' -to zl"o"o -wun 'ka 't"ong 'bhle '"o ka w"o -si"o -a 'ka bh"e -a 'ka. 9Ka w"o -si"o -wun '"o bh"e yaa k"e =n/e p"e 'wo- p"o -y"o -k"e n -dh"e -s"e y"o -m"u, 'k/e/e 'k"o -k"e =n/e -y"o -k"e ka w"o -si"o -wun 'ka, a -b/c -a 'g"u '"o n =zu"o' 'glu -y"o -dhi '"o t/c/c -ya -k"e '"o ka -bha 'ta 's"u -k/c -y"o y"o zian -s"e -ta. W"osi"odhe '"o bh"e -Zlan -y"o -b/c -a -ta 'y"o "o -bha yu"o =kaa'. =Ya k"e 'dh"o k"o yi"e"e p"e yaa gb/e k"e ka 'ka =n/e bh"e 'sa. 10Bhii w"o -si"o -wun m/e '"o =yaa- 's"u =ya yu"o kaa -y"o -gla =zu"o' =dhi"e' -kwaa -s"u '"o dho m/e 'ka dha -zian 'ka bh"e -a -ta, '"o m/e gb/e =zu"o' 'ka 'dho to zl"o"o -a -wun 'g"u. 'K/e/e w"o -si"o -wun m/e '"o 'kpongtaadh/e -bha 'ka, -y"o -dho m/e -nu 'ka ga -zian 'ka. 11-K/c '"o 'wun '"o na ka -zu"e, '"o -Zlan -ya s"u '"o yu"o =kaa' bh"e, -a -y/e 'z"u '"o bh"e -kaa -ga 'dh/e! -Ka -k/c '"o ka -bha w"o -si"o -wun -y"o ka -bha 'wun -nu -y"o 'ko 'dhi"o -k/c =kaa' -s"e 'ka, 'go m"u '"o 'ka -k"e =naaz"e k"o 'kaan- ka -de dha -wun -nu ku"en ka kw/e/e bh"e ka- -y"o bh"e =a! =Luu' 'ka- wo ka d/c 'wun bh"e -a -g/c 'y"enng bh"e, 'ka -k"e 'si"oz"e =zluun -s"u 'ka -y"o k"e 'dh"o k"o 'kaan- ka 'yan d/c n -ma k"o 'wun yaak"em/e bh"e 'kwaan- 'klo bh/c bh"e, ka- -y"o bh"e =a! -A k"e 'ka- wo 'dh"o bh"e -ya -z/cn =n/e 'wun bh"e ka -k/c 'yaa- 'g"u. 12=Ya k"e =n/e 'ma 's"e"edh/e b/c ka -dh"e k"o n 'ka- b/c 'wun yaak"em/e 'iin -a =kaa' -m/e -an -wun 'g"u, 'k/e/e k"o a- -k"e 'dh"o k"o -k/c '"o 'ka -ya -s"u 'ka n =wu"en' -Zlan w"o 'dhi"o bh"e 'kaan- k"e 'aan- d/c. 13P"e '"o -k"e '"o p"e -nu 'ka- k"e bh"e '"o yi =faan' m"e bh"e '"o bh"e; yaa k"e =n/e yi =faan' =n/e '"o m"e 'kpaan 'ka; 'k/e/e Tit"o -bha -lo -s"u 'ka 'n"o, -k/c '"o ka 'saadh"o 'ka- =faan' m"e -a 'ka bh"e, =dh/e 'yi- -wun ma, -y"o -k"e yi -bha =zu"ogludhi -wun =va 'ka. 14Bhii 'wun -nu 'wo -gban ka -bha, a- -bl/e/e -a -dh"e 'dhi =va 'ka 'k/e/e kaa 'kun n -wo 'ka. -K/c do gia- '"o 'yi 'wun gia- =bl/e/e' -na -a 'ka ka -dh"e bh"e =n/e '"o 'a ka -wun =bl/e/e -a 'ka Tit"o -dh"e 'dhi =va 'ka; 'k/e/e -y"o -dho 'y"o -k"e 'wun gia- 'ka. 15-K/c '"o 'ka =m/ca' -a 'g"u =bhl"eyadhe 'ka 'go m"u 'ka- ku"en 'su"o =va 'ka, =ya "o -zo 'ta -a 'g"u -y"o -k"e ka -dh/c -wun =va 'ka -a -g/c. 16N =zu"o' 'glu dhi -s"u -m"u, 'go m"u '"o n -zo y"o -s"u 'dh"o -m"u ka -bha 'wun 'pl/e 'g"u.

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