1 Zan 5

1M/e 'oo m/e '"o Yesu -bha -k"e M/edham/e Klito 'ka -s"u -wun -dh/e 'wun gia-, k"o -y"o -Zlan 'kp/cn"e 'ka. '"O m/e 'oo m/e '"o- -dh/c -k"e "o D"e 'ka k"o -ya -dh/c -k"e m/e -nu 'wo go D"e 'g"u -an 'ka 'p"o. 2P"e '"o 'kwa dho -a d/c -a -bha =n/e -Zlan -bha 'n"e -nu -dh/c -y"o kwa -k"e '"o t/c/c kwa- -dh/c -k"e -Zlan 'ka '"o 'kwa- -bha t/cng -nu kun. 3K"e- wo 'dh"o bh"e '"o t/c/c -Zlan -dh/c k"e -s"u '"o bh"e, -y"o -gban -a -bha t/cng -nu 'kun -s"u -bha, '"o t/cng -nu 'wo bh"e 'waa 'gbee-. 4'"O t/c/c -Zlan -bha 'n"e 'saadh"o -k/c -y"o -m/ca k"o -y"o 'to -a 'gbee- 'ka 'kpongtaap"e -nu -ta. P"e '"o 'kwa dho b/c -a -ta 'kwaan- 'to -a 'gbee- 'ka 'kpongtaap"e -nu -ta '"o t/c/c kwa -bha -zo -y"o Yesu -bha -s"u. 5M/e '"o dho to -a 'gbee- 'ka 'kpongtaap"e -nu -ta '"o t/c/c m/e '"o Yesu -bha -k"e -Zlan Gb"o 'ka -s"u -wun -dh/e 'wun gia-. 6Yesu Klito -y"o -nu 'kpongtaa; 'k/e/e -y"o -nu 'yi waa- f/ei -an -wun 'ka. 'Y"o nu '"o- wo 'dh"o bh"e, yaa nu 'yi -wun 'sloo 'ka, -y"o -nu 'yi waa- f/ei -an -wun 'ka. -Zuu '"o go -Zlan 'pi"o bh"e -y"o 'wun bh"e -a =goo- 'ka; '"o -Zuu -de '"o bh"e, '"o 'wun gia- 'ka. 7Bhii '"o t/c/c D"e 'dh"o, -wo 'dh"o waa- -Zuu 'sl"o"osl"o -wo 'dh"o -yaaga dhang- 'g"u, '"o p"e -nu bh"e 'wo- y"o 'wun gia- 'ka. 8-Zuu '"o go -Zlan 'pi"o 'dh"o, 'yi 'dh"o, f/ei 'dh"o, -wo -dh"o -yaaga 'kpongtaa '"o p"e -nu 'wo bh"e 'wo- y"o 'wun gia- 'ka 'p"o. 'K/e/e k"e- wo 'dh"o p"e -yaaga 'wo bh"e, -an -wo -ya 'g"u do. 9=Dh/e '"o -k"e =n/e 'kpongtaa z"o kwa -we m/e 'bhee- -nu -bha -t/cm/cdh/e -bha bh"e k"o -y"o k"e kwa 'yaan =n/e -Zlan -bha -y"o -gban -s"u 'ka kpinngdh"o '"o =zi"e' m/e -nu -bha -ta. Y"o =n/e '"o 'wun '"o -gban "o Gb"o -bha '"o- -bha -k"e 'wun gia- 'ka -s"u -wun =bl/e/e. 10=Ya k"e 'dh"o k"o m/e '"o =ya -Zlan Gb"o -wun -dh/e 'wun gia-, k"o -t/cm/cdh/e '"o -gban Yesu -bha -k"e -Zlan Gb"o 'ka -s"u -bha bh"e -ya 'g"u. 'K/e/e m/e '"o 'yaa -Zlan -wun -dh/e 'wun gia-, k"o =ya -Zlan k"e =suam/e 'ka, bhii k"o 'wun '"o -Zlan -ya =bl/e/e '"o -gban -a Gb"o -bha bh"e yaa- -wun -dh/e 'wun gia-. 11-T/cm/cdh/e '"o bh"e '"o t/c/c: -Zlan =ya kwa gbaa =to"ep"o -k"edh"os"u 'ka b/ca "o Gb"o 'g"u -s"u 'ka. 12M/e '"o =ya -Zlan Gb"o 's"u "o -bha 'ka k"o -k"edh"os"u bh"e =yaa- y"o. 'K/e/e m/e '"o yaa -Zlan Gb"o 's"u "o -bha 'ka, k"o -k"edh"os"u '"o bh"e =ya dha -a -g/c. 13P"e -nu 'wo bh"e a- -b/e/en ka -dh"e 'dh"o k"o -y"o k"e ka 'yaan =n/e m/e '"o 'ka -Zlan Gb"o -wun -dh/e 'wun gia- bh"e, =to"ep"o -k"edh"os"u -y"o ka -g/c. 14P"e '"o kwa -zo -gban -Zlan 'pi"o '"o t/c/c =ya k"e =n/e 'kwa p"e -dh/e -a -g/c -a -zo 'kun -wun 'ka -y"o "o 'to -k"e kwa -bha. 15'"O bhii =dh/e 'kwa- =t/ei' d/c =n/e 'kwa p"e -dh/e -a -g/c -y"o "o 'to -to kwa -bha bh"e y"o -ga '"o -k"e kwa 'yaan 'p"o =n/e =yaa- nu kwa -dh"e 'saadh"o bh"e. 16'"O =ya k"e =n/e m/e =ya "o dheglu y"o k"o -y"o =s/c/cn yaa 'g"u, 'iin k"o =s/c/cn yaa '"o- 'g"u bh"e, yaa 'dho dho -a 'ka ga 'g"u, k"o -y"o =bh/ea' -a -wun 'g"u; -a dheglu '"o 'dh"o bh"e, -Zlan -y"o -dho -k"edh"os"u nu -a -dh"e. A- -p"o 'wun bh"e -y"o -gban m/e -nu '"o -an -bha =s/c/cn yaa 'ka 'dho dho -an 'ka gam/e -nu -bha -yadh/e -bha bh"e -an -bha. 'K/e/e =s/c/cn yaa do '"o kwa 'yaan '"o =ya k"e '"o -m/c -a -bha '"o dho m/e 'ka ga 'g"u bh"e 'yaa -m"u 'a- p"o 'ka =bh/ea' -a -wun 'g"u. 17'Wun =zaa' -s"u 'saadh"o '"o t/c/c =s/c/cn yaa. =/E/e, 'k/e/e -a 'bhaa -nu -wo m"u 'p"o '"o 'wo dho m/e 'ka ga 'g"u. 18Kwa gia- kwa- -d/c =n/e m/e '"o -Zlan 'kp/cn"e 'ka 'yaa 'dho =s/c/cn yaa k"e -s"u 'ka 'dhi"o, '"o t/c/c -Zlan Gb"o -ya 'pi"o -kplawo. =Ya k"e 'dh"o k"o k"ep"eyaam/e yaa 'dh"o -m/ca -bha -y"o p"e yaa kaa. 19Kwa- -d/c =n/e kwa -Zlan -bha 'ka, '"o 'kpongtaadh/e 'dh"o d"u -k/c =l"o"o. 20Kwa- -d/c 'p"o =n/e -Zlan -y"o "o Gb"o b/c k"o -yaan kwa 'yan 'dhi 'po, k"o -Zlan '"o 'wun gia- 'ka bh"e, 'kwaan- -a d/c. '"O -Zlan '"o 'wun gia- '"o 'dh"o -a 'ka bh"e 'kwa -klu -s"u 'ka -a -bha =b/ca' -a Gb"o Yesu Klito -ta -s"u 'ka. Y"o =n/e '"o t/c/c -Zlan gia- '"o =to"ep"o -k"edh"os"u 'dh"o -a -g/c. 21Ma 'n"e -nu, gbap"e -nu ('"o 'ka -an -ga -na bh"e, 'waa -Zlan gia- 'ka), -ka 'kan -an -bha!

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